My Mum Can Read Minds

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Sorry for the slow update over this week. I have been kinda busy.Β 

What a coincidence!!! My mum said the exact thing I thought in mind. Β O_O

Maybe my mum have superpowers???




And so I test it again..

but she didn’t respond.

I’m not sure my mum can read that or not and choose to ignore but one thing for sure, I’mΒ going to hell for that. 😐


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    Hong Yi wants your signature too πŸ˜‰

    |:3 *jelly u*

    O_O really?! *dies in happiness*

  2. Ur mom thinking –> “Say me fat?okay i will revenge by feed u all those good food, and make u FATTER than me! *evil laugh* Then laugh at u~!”

    hahah you dunno my mum.
    mum don’t cook good food. I have no worries for that

  3. Your mum can’t read that because you don’t really mean it… πŸ˜‰

    I mean it. but then again fat and healty is good.
    Afraid to see her slim down

  4. LOL sometimes i think that my mother does that too cuz i was thinkin of a western dinner and mom just boiled some lamb chops :9

    Woahh lamb chopss. so nice

  5. ur mom look so much like u~

    ur mom don’t know how to read mind.. she only know what u like to eat~.. :3
    mom the best~ XDD

    hahahah got meh?
    then again we kinda similar, we love to eat

  6. Sure, mom know what are your favourite food. I also never tell my favourite food or thing, my mom can read me when I enjoyed it. πŸ˜›

    Actually no. She don’t know about my favorite food or anything ^^”

  7. I think mine can read minds too!… but she uses to troll me, whenever i get home so hungry she makes just the dishes i don’t like :okay:

    LOL.. mine always make dishes i don’t like too

  8. Mum know’s what’s best for their children. Food, Lifestyle etc…

    One more thing, U sure U’re not adopted??? Because of your cat, but your family isn;t a cat…

    Actually no in my case.
    Lol. you want a dna test for that?

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