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Happened twice on the same day,  few days ago. @@

Actually, I can just speak in English but it’s a habit of mine to speak in the mother language of the person I’m speaking to.  XD

Sometimes it can be kinda confusing when you’re in Sarawak, Borneo where we have 6 races of 27 ethics groups (which can expand to 40+ sub ethics groups not including the mixed) and it’s very difficult to differentiate who is who.  XD   P/S: Mixed is pretty

I think maybe because of that, it’s not much an issue whoever the person is here as they see themselves as the people of Sarawak more.

Anyway, I still wanna keep that habit of mine. 😛  That way, I can learn to speak more language/dialect especially the Sarawak Malay dialect.

Oh, and maybe next time, I can try this..

Okay, maybe not french, no one speaks that here.

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  1. eh…i thought u should be able to differentiate??? i know i can’t when I went Sabah meet Caroline last time but she can! hahaha

    Hahaha nope. It’s hard actually. We have just too many. :/

  2. Bonjour! ^^ J’suis Glow. Ka man ta lou fuuu? (Canto: tonight hit the tiger)
    I sometimes get embarrassed too but usually I see the previous customer use what language. I’ve even managed to use Hakka on some occasions other than the usual dialects as well as Eng n BM. Learning basic tamil so the banana leaf rice ane can give me more rasem ^^

    Hahaha i call SPCA later..
    lol same here, it works that way XD more free extra food

  3. I feel you bro. when I had my training in a hotel in Kuching, the KL-ians thought I am a native. Even my co-workers speaks Iban to me, they think I am “Chi-ban”. I don’t know what to feel. haha

    Glow: I thought I’m the only one think ‘comment’allez vous’ sounds like ka man ta lou fuu. hahaha

    Hmm..Be happy. 😀 Mix is pretty XD
    Lol what does that ‘comment’allez vous’ means?

  4. Borneo people are pretty. May be because the mixed too much.
    koh koh koh.. comment’allez vous is How Are You.. i think laa.. XD

    HAhaha some really mixed a lot XD

  5. im learning french, but sadly french doesnt really useful in malaysia.

    yeap! comment allez-vous means how are you in french 😀 and you can reply je suis bien as in im fine 😀

    Yep. not really but very useful if u go paris XD
    woahh.. how to say thank you and where is the toilet?

  6. Aku enda nemu nama nuan jakuk >_<" I guess you should learn some iban too! 😀

    sik faham sia..
    come teach me..
    my dayak friends all either speak hokkien or english with me.

  7. It always happen to me too while i working in hospital~ LOL~ yeah, kinda confuse to our unique face features on how we know what language we should use…Humans face are tricky to predict. XP.. ahahahah..

    hahaha indeed XD but i like the uniqueness of it 😀

  8. hahaha although i cannot speak or hear, but still i am lost in translation when it comes to how to order food from hawker… hahaha i point this and that till hawker confused…… luckily they prepared the right food for me XD… next time i should bring translator =D

    hahaha you mean when you’re here eh?

  9. i have another question… why dont you use HORNBILL instead of bunny? hornbill represent sarawakian ma

    Coz a bunny is easier to motionlize with it’s body structure and bunny is for anonymous and not sarawakian.

  10. mixed marriage in sarawak is awesome. their children will be soooo beautifulll. hahahahaha and also, most of the chinese in sarawak know the dialect very well. i bet you too, still learning if not. heheheh

    Still learning T3T I have been away for almost 9 years and before this, my Dayaks friends all speak in Mandarin, English and Hokkien with me.

  11. Haha…I like to use people’s mother tongue too… but when in doubt, I usually use English. I think if I ever go to Sarawak, I will definitely just use English…

    (And it’s especially embarrassing when you speak to a dark-skinned Chinese in Malay… :s )

    hahaha yep
    The fair skinned Chinese here might not look like Chinese either 😛
    And some fair skinned Chinese looking might not be Chinese too.
    Confuse max XD

  12. is funny!!.. XDD

    well it happen to me -__-
    but im not the one who use wrong language.. is the shop keeper or the promoters the one who use wrong language to speak to me.. ( im chinese )

    i get along with my malay friend well.. so some times i hag out with them.. n yeah.. the shop keeper (chinese’s shop keeper) will use malay to ask me what i want or what i wanted to buy…

    -_-.. it so sad when they use malay to talk to me.. i know have very dark skin… haiz~

    My friend also have a very dark skin, people is shock when he speaks in Mandarin.
    hahaha then your malay is good 😀
    I was quite happy the other day when a police guy says my malay like malay not like a chinese speaking malay hahahha

  13. Miao : Yes, it means how are you in French. Haha actually hor, Kadazan from Sabah mix Chinese is the prettiest!! All my sabahan friends mix with Kadazan are so FAIR and pretty! <3

    Hahaha now I know XD, +1 sentence in my French hahaha
    oh, they are called Sino-Kadazans. 🙂
    Yep, mixed are pretty like Hannah Tan, she’s Kelabit mix Chinese

  14. I’ll stick to English or Bahasa. since I don’t know any other. hehe.

    If you speak to me in Mandarin/Cantonese, I might be able to answer you back correctly, in Bahasa or English. hehe. I can somewhat understand Mandarin/Cantonese (thanks to watching Chinese dramas as I grew up) But I can’t really speak in that language. Lol..

    But if you give me French, I’ll answer you in random Japanese answer – since I have no idea what u are talking about. :p

    hahah same here, i also understand Cantonese from watching the drama and I also duno how to speak in that. XD
    Random Japanese answer… Toyota, Sushi, Sake, Judo.. hahaha XD

  15. Hahahaha. I wanna see you try Spanish in Kuching! XDDDD Cannot predict what dialect from the looks of people really. Some of them has tanned skin and can speak in fluent mandarin.. really hard to determine

    Yep. susah indeed XD

  16. lolol… I think if you meet me, you’ll be speaking Chinese with me. It’s almost always that Chinese people thought that i’m Chinese.
    Some Melanau do have a strong resemblance.

    Hahaha maybe too XD
    Uh hum, some Melanau do really looks like Chinese.

  17. Used to study in UNIMAS. we usually speak Malay first no matter who we meet. when they speak another language only we go ” au” then change to another language. but mostly sarawakian are laguage genius. Any thing we speak they understand.

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