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  1. the sheep is too cute that way…i know why you were not able to correct your nephew XD the more he/she is cute the more i cannot move forward on

    hahaha he seems like very high hope XD

  2. But…but…he was only hoping that you won’t go back, right? It doesn’t matter where you were, as long as you stay with him now…

    And ya! Lying to children is bad! πŸ˜›

    hahaha yealo..
    got people to play with adi.. tho i’m now as free as i used to ^^”

  3. huuu~ america?
    nice~ but u shud tell ur nephew the truth tho..
    lying is not nice at all..
    let him hurt because of the truth before he’s hurt because of ur lying..
    u gonna be a bad uncle~
    no no no!

    I am. bwahahah
    okie then, i see when i meet him again, i let him know

  4. amelaca -> belacan? omg, what is my mind thinking about?! XD
    aww.. miao is a cute uncle :>

    Belacan beehoon yoo

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