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:: This is a scheduled post. Currently, I’m still away from Malaysia :). Feel free to guess which country I’m in ::

*Mind of a cat * XD

The other day, I took a peek at my nephew’s homework. To my surprise, the exercises are not testing his grammar or vocab but kinda stereotyping his mind on to things.Β The questions kinda forcing him to label things up.

My sister said it maybe to test whether he uses the correct word to describe the subject or not. Then again, I do not agreed with her since there’s no illustration in the question for my nephew to refer to. It seems like as if a train must be long and a turtle must be slow. (as stated at the answer section)

In my opinon, that’s like killing the creativity of a kid. πŸ™

I heard it is even worse in other subjects. @@ oh my..

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  1. are you in china? XD

    thats over-stereotype…aiyoo, i suddenly pity on those kids T_T why cannot those kids have own imagination =/

    I wanna go back now huhuhu T3T
    yealo..and art is looking down at, in this country.
    hmm.. I wanna think a way to bring it up..

  2. They should let the children be much more imaginative.. or probably the questioner is less imaginative with their question.. koh koh koh..

    let me guess.. you r in Aaaa Malacca.. XD. No?

    hahahaha XD
    sadly no, i’m in China T3T

  3. o.o… education now days… is a bit crazy.. n also the teacher who teaching them also~

    Not all tho, some teachers really work hard and give them extra infos from other books. πŸ™‚
    I have a friend who worked very hard and extra classes and lessons free to help the students

  4. yep that’s y parents are advisable to guide children on their homeworks.Don’t just rely on textbooks etc…Sad education πŸ™ U be a good uncle and tell ur nephew not to limit his imagination..Turtle can be fast is he is ninja turtle !! ok..whatever im crapping..haha..

    I did, he kept saying no no, must like that just right, must follow. @@

  5. You’re at Guangzhou. okay Got prize or not? πŸ˜€
    & lolololol WHAT TYPE OF ENGLISH HOMEWORK IS THAT… i have lose faith in the future generation :’)

    hahaha you follow me on twitter ma XD
    It’s a strange world here..

  6. Since education here force them to be so, its Uncle Miao showtime!! (Phewwitt~~).. transfer some of your creativity Kung Fu to your lovely nephew~~ πŸ˜€ …. Soon a cute sheep can grow horns~~ wakaka!!

    have to see whether he’s interested or not.

  7. lol i had the same problem to while solving kids homework.

    i think it is called somewhat abstract and concrete thinking. their questions are created base on their current mind level.

    i think teachers must know this stuff well.


  8. Mr. Grammar Nazi here to tell you it’s “take a PEEK” not ‘peak’.. very very different meaning. My work here is done. To infinity and beyond!

    Opps!! but thanks πŸ˜€ I will go correct it

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