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It was super spooky, the house phone has not rang since the creation of cell phone. Seriously, no much people use domestic house phone these days. I don’t think there’s anyone knows the number to this phone since it’s a new number, even I also do not know the numbers to it. @@

It couldn’t be the people from the telco operators checking the line quality etc since it’s 8 in the night. @@

In the end, we picked up the phone…

but there’s no response on the other end of the line. Spooky! O_O

This reminds me of a urban legend I heard of when I was small where there’s this number to call to Hell but we never get the courage to try it. @@


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Comments 20

  1. Hahahaha, pretty spooky… next time dont answer the call ler…later your soul kena rampas to hell…..that will be very spooky!!!

    Samsung SIII look normal, the design is not nice lar…..like classic phone, you name it Nokia 3300

    Takkan let it rings only ma.. 😛

  2. Yeap, agreed with u.. domestic phone hardly been using nowadays. Even sometimes broadband came with a package free LAN calls. Everyone have a hp.. nowdays easy to call direct to hp ^_^

    Yealo.. it been so many years since I use one. XD
    I don’t even have a number to call to. hahah

  3. OMG!! so scary one!if me, i wouldn’t even dare to pick up the phone..

    Very spooky!
    Maybe I should disconnect the phone hahaha

  4. 8pm… back in Pahang, people still call around 12am – 1am and think nothing much about it. If my current hostel installs a phone, I wouldn’t be surprised it it rang 24 hours…especially 12am to around 7am. We’re students with no life xD
    You guys sleep very very early~ Miao and family are so healthy 😀

    If anyone still using sure, but no one knows our number even us. Oh, I was referring to telecom people when I said 8pm. 🙂

  5. muahaha, creepy story~

    #hate celcom very much, too slow you know

    I have another creepy experience @@

  6. Maybe what was at the other side of the phone was the sound of 好兄弟 breath… XD

    But couldn’t hear that too… then again I don’t wanna hear anything

  7. Hehe, I use my fixed line to call free to other fixed lines! (Telekom only though…it’s a package) But yeah, very few people use their house phones these days… If my phone rings I straightaway know who’s calling, because only one person calls here… 😛

    Oh, the broadband and phone package
    yealo.. some of my friends even remove their house phones

  8. Wrong number maybe. Or prank call.
    Be positive when you’re scared. Hehe…

    hahaha could be a ghost accidentally called to human number.
    oh wait, that’s more scary

  9. Hahahaha, there’s no house phone in my house. If we hear house phone ringing late at night and it’s not from the TV, I will probably yell and run somewhere~ XD

    what if it comes from in between the walls. eek!

  10. Indeed it is scary. Your story just recalled my old days when many people in my house still using house phone, and the worst is….. usually no one want to pick up the phone, and end up I am the one picking it up.

    hahah the receptionist XD

  11. ya i remember about the classic legend of the number to hell LOL But I forgot the number lols

    Urban legend XD
    I wonder what’s the latest legend

  12. hehehe usually when my house phone rang… it’ll be for my mom… so i dont bother to pick it up =P

    Wahhh meanie!!

  13. my home house still ring, and yes – there are people on the other side of the line 😛

    Lol XD how you know it’s a human? jeng jeng jeng

  14. >”<….. I always get phone calls like this from the house phone… when everyone is already asleep *gulps*

    OMG!! next time, don’t pick up!!

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