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  1. LOL. I know the feeling. I am seriously an extremely lizardphobia.

    In my mom’s kitchen, we (me n the cockroach) always beat who is the fastest to escape from there. When I took a step forward, it also moves forward then when I took a step backward it suddenly moves forward and chases me! Genius cockroach plays dirty. chisin!

    hahahha scumbag cockroach XD
    why afraid of lizard? they are the enemy of cockroach 😛
    enemey of my enemy is my friend

  2. hahahaha buried alive!! XD like in the movie “dark shadows” =P hehehe

    dark shadows? a ghost movie? i don’t like ghost moviee

  3. Yeah. That little creature holds thousands viruses.
    Just like rat. Who would know the rat can kill?
    May be someday, someone will get killed by the cockroach.
    Oh wait, Miao already did. Hehe…

    who knows one day everyone turn into a cockroach man creature @@

  4. lastime i went to TAPAO noodle. i was staning n wait. tiba2 1 adult siukeong climb up my leg. i stomp n kick. the @#$#^% hide under a fridge. DISGUSTING!

    OMGGG!!! next time cancel the noodle and go eat else where @@

  5. I hate cockroach!!! So paranoid X(
    And buried alive lols hahahaha X3

    I don’t like them too but they happened to be the greatest being on earth

  6. So, how was yur trip??

    Bro, 1 tiny “aqiang” now turn u into a zombie….

    From Halo, “I need a weapon”… Hahaha. Just do soap & water shoulddo the trick. I wonder what will ernest from don’t like that bro doif he happens to encounter something like that???

    They will play with it XD hahaha
    Even dare each other to swallow it.. lol

  7. I’d accidentally kicked a cockroach also after reading your blog post that day OMG!!! Shouted and ran like crazy to my mum who laughed so hard at me. >______<

    The same thing with my sister, she was laughing when I was running T^T

  8. im still alive~ im still alive~ XDD
    the touch of that little was like other people touching u..
    it touch me once too.. is not just touch..
    he was giving a BACK MASSAGE when i was sleeping.. >o<
    think back make me felt itchy.. -_-"

    i also feel itchy now!

  9. There was a horrible story between me and cockroach…(big sigh….) (T.T)

    omg!! what happened?
    love story?

  10. LOVE STORY!?!?! oh my~~i rather be single for my whole life then~~LOL!!
    Well…story begin with my devil friends who cheat me with the cockroach is fake and she is holding it on her hand…(the cockroach is dead with splashing it with hot water while she is taking shower)…
    Then…so long she persuade me to believe her that the cockroach is fake, she bought in shopping mall and bla bla bla~~~
    At last…stupid me BELIEVE!!! >.< I hold that cockroach on my hand and look it clearly and detailed…it's furry leggy and the rest was so fine.
    While I'm commenting the details was so fine, trying to says the person who do this fake things was so good..Then…then…then…
    All my friends laugh n ran away from me… I was like stunt there a while and got thunder strike on me. WTH!!!!! I scream like crazy and throw that "fake" things away!! oh my oh my~~ Tears flow out automatically~~ (T.T)
    So scary~~~

    That is suuuuuppppperrr scary!!!
    You should brave yourself and stuck the cockroach in her mouth hahaha XD

  11. Miao, actually cockroaches are continually cleaning themselves like cats so they are only as dirty as what they are standing on at the moment.

    That being said, they still look scary to me and I will still freak out if there’s one in the house..

    Especially as I’m in USA now and THEY ARE SO BIG! O_O”

    Ouu.. I see but still they are still scary!!!
    OMGG those are super scary! I saw those before on the TV shows. @@

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