The Death Touch Strikes Again

Jian Akiraceo Room 28 Comments

Oh goddd!!! What’s wrong with this cockroach. Is him stalking me or something?!! I kept on bumped into him!!

I was on my way to my room from the kitchen when this same cockroach shows up in front of me. Before I could reacted, thisΒ a house lizard (cicak) showed up and ate it and save my life. O_O

So I decided!!

From now on, I shall



join the Lizard Triad. Don’t mess me yo! I have lizard with me. Pfft

Who you gonna join? Cockroach triad or Lizard triad?

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  1. Brace yourself, grammar nazis are coming! Just kidding!

    huhu sorry for the grammar mistake but do point out, so i know πŸ™‚

  2. But…but…I’m also scared of lizards… :s

    Actually my house has so many lizards, but there are still cockroaches… Maybe my lizards are vegetarian πŸ™

    And how did you know it was the exact same cockroach? Haha…

    hahah nice one, vegetarian lizards..
    coz after that one was eaten. no cockroach shows up anymore

  3. I rather be in the cockroach triad ^_^

    Tell us, cat.
    Why do u despise our species so much?
    We are the best runner in the world.

    Join us, friend.

    Hungga! Hungga!

    coz cockroach seems so dirty and geli XD

  4. hehehe how you know is the same cockroach? they all look the same :p

    After that one was eaten, no cockroach shows up anymore XD
    so i assume it

  5. Sorry to say, I choose cockroach triad. My big boss will stalk you for lives. Heheh…

    nooooo die big boss cockroach!!
    *send out an army of lizards*

  6. sorry miao but i’d rather join d cockroach triad… Im terrified of lizards… I wont even touch em if they’re dead… I hate lizards… cos u dunno if they’re really dead or pretend dead… still d same beady eyes looking at u… *runs away*

    hahaha why.. lizards are good, they eat away the bugs in the house

  7. you know you could make a better title DEATH TOUCH (the cockroach Strikes again) XDD

    hahaha should have gone with yours
    sounds like starwars XD

  8. Hmm… I hate Roaches, Me join U.
    I wonder if I could bring my pet frog along. Muhahahaha
    Now U will bow down to Sir Snoopy as everyone knows frogs eats roaches & Lizards…

    No amphibians allow. πŸ˜›

  9. OH MY GODDDDDDD!!!!!! Lizard is scarier than cockroach okay?? i just feel extremely geli when saw lizard!!! why cockroach dun eat lizard? else i’ll be following cockroach…lolzzzz πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

    LOL no lor.. cockroach more scary! πŸ˜›
    it would be super duper whooper scary if cockroach eat lizard, it might turns to us too

  10. muahaha~ same like my 8 years old cousin, but she scared of cicak too~

    so she decided to follow the Shieldtox triad XD

    LOL!! oh wait! shieldtox at both cockroach and lizard?

  11. The lizard ate the roach???
    How big is the lizard??? That sounds just as scary as the roach!!

    Normal size lizard. The cockroach it’s bigger that it’s head XD

  12. i used to have a lizard… but one day it was gone πŸ™
    i didn’t know they eat roaches, maybe mine was a picky one xD

    Woahh.. what kind of lizard?

  13. Wow lizard eats roaches ahh.. lols. I prefer lizards. But my house have very few of them xD Happie face lols

    Beside scaring people by dropping in front you, pooing everywhere.. they definitely better XD

  14. Some cats eats lizards you know? Don’t let those instincts take over if you want the lizard to eat the cockroaches for you.

    O_O omg really? that’s ewww..

  15. I remember once lizard shit on ur food and you wanna revenge. XD
    it’s on your previous post. haha.

    careful later it shits again on your food, where the shit is from the death touch cockroach…

    Shit!!! so many shit shit word ~. ~

    Indeed big boss do that.
    I believe this boss is different from that scumbag XD

  16. they i like you i gues???XD
    or hang some pandan leave on you lolx or put around the house…confirm they wont come near by…

    or put you can put just used egg shell on a plate or big plastic to scare away lizard..IF you no longer admit lizard as your dai lou…XD but of course the egg small will be gone in sometime so need to replace it from time to time lor…and again of course a bit smelly lor…if not enought eggy shell then request from hawkers uncle and autie…

    they afraid of eggshell? why??

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