Soba Eating Contest!!

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I was at the Kyanime (A local cosplay event in Kuching ) over the weekends. Β It was at held at this Hills Mall right under the Pullman Hotel Kuching.Β There’s couple of restaurants there but nothing to my liking. I like Kolok Mee. XD Cheap and Awesome hahahaha

Well, luckily there was this Soba eating competition held at the event. A reader of mine, happened to be working there and she asked me to join her at the contest and I did.

Initially, we joined just for fun and lunch but she ended up competing with the others and ate 2 and half bowl of Soba in 3 minutes @@!! Me on the other hand, took my sweet time and managed to finish 1 bowl only. XP

If only it’s Kolok Mee, then I sure can finish 3 bowls in a row. hahahah.. Β Then again, lunch money saved!! πŸ˜› Β  **koff koff**

I should have brought ingredients to add in the Soba like what Wafu did.


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  1. Got to finish it really fast before the noodle absorb all the soup!!! But then again 2 n a half bowls in 3 mins is amazing!!!!O.o

    The best record was 6 bowls @@

  2. very nice πŸ˜€
    i wanted to try this kind of contest too.. ahaha πŸ˜€
    u should at lest at 1 and a half or 2 bow so u will untung one bow of soba ma~ haiyo πŸ˜€

    (more kian siap) >XD

    hahaha i wanted to but it’s bad XD

  3. erk! jian goh.. i have one question..
    since wafu and pafu already dead..
    is everyone also can see them? or only miao can see them?

    In comic world, everyone can see XD

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