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  1. LMAO…..perhaps you were too “naughty” now you are naive MIAO

    hahahaha everyone hv a notty period XD

  2. hahaha i don’t know how miao define sexy, but i guess it is different than mine.

    hahaha the sexy here is does not means sexy

  3. haa…. first time i see someone admitting they watches something naughty… haa but this post is so funny…

    Dare to do, dare to say LOL!!

  4. hikhik, I always check the earphone first every time when there’s no sound comes out….

    I hv learned my lesson.. the hard way T3T

  5. Too much puns xD
    and look at the comments, all your dirty mind readers!!!! haha

    hehehe 😛
    90% of my readers are 18 and above XD so it’s normal

  6. After 10 years from now you’ll have the “Oh God Why” face for posting this xD

    Could be XD hahahha

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