Miao is the Favorited Uncle!

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The other day, the nephew Ayu, came and spent his holidays at our place. Last time he used to sleep at my dad’s place whenever he’s here but this time he decided to sleep at my place. XD  Kakakaka!!!  Woohoo!! I’m the favorited uncle. Then again, I’m the only uncle they have. 😐

Anyway, Papamiao vs Miao( 0 : 1 ) XD

but somehow I didn’t feel like I won..



as my nephew…

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  1. hahaha so irresistibly CUUUUUUUUUUUUTEEEEEEEEEEEE …please dont get MAD at your innocent nephew lar

    hahaha I will try XD

  2. Yer.. u’re the only one.. so that doesn’t count.. XP… ahahahah Kesian u la, ur nephew snore u can’t sleep.. ahahaha…

    hahaha XD they hv no choice. only one uncle hahah

  3. Miao, use cotton stuff into your ears next time! Or use destructive interference technology to counter the snore XD Miao power man!

    lol that won’t help lor

  4. Hahaha. Little nephew snore eh?
    Of course it feels like heaven if a little kid prefer to sleep with us than others.

    Uh hum. It’s like they like you the most XD

  5. That’s a big snored in a small package LOL! I have a little cousin like that too. Whenever she comes over she likes to sleep with me and prefer me then my mum or my sister! XD

    hahaha 2 KOs. XD

  6. make sure Ayu dun read dis post ya. If not, next time he dont 2 sleep in ur room de. 😀

    He will if he’s here XD
    He’s not allow to play with PC at home, only at my place he is.

  7. why are u holding burger when it is time to sleep?? supper ar?? XD

    Hahaha uh hum XD
    full stomach is nice to sleep

  8. My niece Sasa also do that. Once,her parents went abroad for a business trip,and she stayed in my house for a week. She wanted to sleep with me,instead of sleeping alone. (I’m her favorited auntie XD) but I ended up same like you. Usually,when she is sleepless,she would turn on the TV and watch movies with a loud voice. FUUUUUUUUUUUU she is also causing me sleepless nights.

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