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But recently, I got heated up and motivated again because I’m joining the 14th TBS DigiCon 6.

The TBS DigiCon 6 is an annual animation film competition! If you don’t know, it’s one of the most recognized awards in Japan which seeks talented creators from Asia and rewards them.

Remember my 2 yrs old video? This slide show video?

I’m gonna use it to enter the contest but not after I revamp and rewrite the whole thing. Since not everyone read Miao, so it will be awkward for the non-Miao readers to see a walking cat. XD

I plan to change Miao into a human, so that the viewers can relate to themselves more. And gonna have it really animated and not slide show. XD

Nevertheless, the story still gonna show the love between an owner and his pet.  I also plan to have all dialogues removed so everyone can understand it even without understanding English.

This is what I had so far, some revamped scenes from the original video.

Still a long way to go… hehe.

….I don’t think this team can help..

Anyway, if you’re interested in animation, come and join me in this competition!!

Here’s some extra info on the competition.

There are 2 stages in this competition, the territorial stage and the final stage. The territorial stage is where you need compete with other contestant in your country and the top 5 in your country shall proceed to the final to compete with the top 5 from other countries

And the prizes are very rewarding.

The Malaysia Stage:

The Final Stage in Japan:

Faster join now by submitting your work between from April 3, 2012 to August 3, 2012.

If you have old works, just submit right away!!

For info on the format etc, please CLICK HERE.

Do not worry if you believe that the video might not be good enough.

I believe your participation will give you a lot of exposure as the judges will be people from animation makers, studio or directors etc. They might found your particulate talent outstanding specifically maybe in story, sound effect or animating skills.

Maybe there’s a Nick Fury in between them too, finding to find the suitable people to form a team. 😛




And comes to think of it.. I think Hulk can help me with my animation

by forcing others to do . XD bwahaha

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  1. I can’t help but I will support you, as fans.
    Do your best and hope you can find a great team.

    thank you 😀 being a fan is very great already

  2. This is the first time I watched that video you made 2 years ago and BY THOR IT MADE ME CRY SO HARD I HAD TO RUN TO THE WASHROOM TO SOB IN PEACE BECAUSE EVERYONE AT MY OFFICE (KANTOI READ BLOG DURING OFFICE HOUR) WERE LOOKING AT ME LIKE I WAS SWINGING GIANT AXE OVER MY HEAD OR SOMETHING. Don’t change the cat. Human is so typical. A cat is something unique. Stand out from the crowd! Eat soup with a fork! Good luck!

    Mmm..maybe I should keep it.. the cat i mean

  3. i din’t know you made such a sad video before! T_T
    Looking fwd to the revamped one. It already looks very promising~ Jia you jia you! Sorry, I do not have any knowledge on animation to help you 🙁

    I’m a sad person huhuhu
    it’s okay. spread the cat around, will do great 😀

  4. “WAAAAH”

    — Crying —

    That video was so touching it move me to tears. Would love to help if i can do good animation… >.<

    But neither way, as your fan…i'll support and vote for ya…(if needed) XD

    Thanks :3
    you hv pet I presume.

  5. the first video is making me cry… well, it was awkward to cry and wipe tears in office =P …..support support!!!

    hehehe thanks for crying :3

  6. Oh another thing….for asking Miao-vengers team for help! “THUMBS UP!”

    Nick Fury is so cute! Can you Pls make a doll of him! XD

    copyright ler

  7. I cannot help in this cause I neither have the skill or software to do this xD but just know that no matter what animation that you do. I think you will do GREAT. The 1st video makes me cries so much. You’ll be great in this and you’ll have my full support all the way!

    It’s okay. 🙂
    reading this, watching that and sharing around is a big support adi ^^ thanks

  8. Love the story. But u could do better then that Cat.

    Using the previous story as a guide is great but still lack of punch.

    U may consider looking into other ideas or inspiration to help u.

    Reply: that’s why need to redo

  9. U may consider doing something like Lego Star Wars or Lego City (Refer to Youtube)

    Or the try to take over the world /Destroy the world which U always dream of.

    hahaah cannot show animation of taking over the world. it is a secret. open secret XD lol

  10. Can’t wait to see the end product!!

    I would’ve loved to be in your team, but between my job, performing, teaching, class, blogging and you being in Kuching and me in KL, I’m not sure I can be off much help. I would’ve actually be able to help with the story writing. But that would need long, and endless discussion between the team. That’ll take up time, time that I am not sure I have~ huhu

    Currently I also have too many project in hands @@

  11. crap.. last time when I saw your slide show I cried and vow not to get a pet .. now I rewatching it and wanna cry some more as my hamster is sleeping in his bin next to me .. oh no .

    how old is your hammie?

  12. Noooo…. don’t change the cat!

    The first time I saw your video, I didn’t read your blog (yet). But still can relate ah. So touching I cried!

    Just like Mickey’s mouse pet is Pluto ma…

    And since then I’m addicted to your blog! Really cuteness overdose!

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