Ayu is a Babi

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My little nephew really a pig. He slept for almost 13 hours and he treated as if it’s very normal thing to do. That’s way too many sleep!! Usually only people who are older sleep as much as this.

Besides, somehow he also know he snores but just refuses to talk about it. Whenever I try to talk about it, he sure change the topic and pretend didn’t listen. =.=

Now I’m wondering should I just draw my sheep nephew into a pig instead since it’s matches it so well.

XD hahahaha

P.S: Babi means pig. Usually use to describe one who eat a lot , sleep a lot. 

Comments 26

  1. ayu’s cap is WOLF motif??? Wolf in Sheep disguise? LOL

    heheh we all hv our own sleeping hat XD
    me = fish
    ayu = wolf

  2. I thought your nephew is still at very young, dont know much words yet. And something wrong with the illustration of your nephew… i don’t know how to say it… but i feel it… strange…. =/

    actually he’s very smart. hehehe
    you mean the pig one?

  3. AYU pig! Maybe he born in year of pig. Perhaps you can snore louder than him until he got annoyed at you instead. Eh correction, old people sleep less than young people. 😛

    hahaha he sleep too much. when i was his age, i didn’t sleep tat much

  4. LOL….so mean la you call your Nephew a pig! And the way he dodge the topic….LOL

    hahaha 😛 just saying the truth ma
    yalar, he’s very good at it!

  5. You forgot the pig nose? Somehow doesn’t look like a pig without it.

    Thank you!! no wonder so weird

  6. Lol. saying your nephew as “babi” sounded a bit harsh~~
    Well, unless it’s piglets. Piglets are cute~~ ahahaha

    hahhaha he sleeps and eat. and never exercise 😛
    so it fits him hahahaha
    i’m a harsh uncle

  7. eh…young kid also sleeps a lot wut..only ppl our age cannot sleep a lot…even if we want to… T3T

    No ar, i sleep 5-7 hours when i was small. XD
    coz of work eh?

  8. Maybe U could plug him up til he burst to thin air….. hahaha.

    Just kidding. Love the idea the “Piggy” cousin of yours.

    One more thing, the bros have do an animation…. very weird one…

    LOL why weird?
    I personally like that animation, I was enjoying it.
    Maybe not your type of stuffs. ^^”

  9. Bad news Emperor Miao.

    CheeChingy has created an animation. Very Cool one.

    Your competitors are stronger, comrade. U have to do something or else u’ll lose out your emperor title.

    Why I wanna compete with my minons XD

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