Miao still in Guang Zhou (Part 2)

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The trip I don’t really enjoy part 2!

Part 1 is here.

They say Dimsum is a must in GuangZhou as it is from China. Without much homework done, I “china google” or baidu the nearest restaurant near our inn and found this.

Pretty nice looking place for Dimsum XD.

Chicken Jack was the one making the orders but some how he…

That’s what he said..

and also order too many..

This is only half of the stuffs we ordered, the other half came after that but I didn’t manage to take any photo of them.

Jack said Dim Sum is from China, and guaranteed we will like it so much that we finish in no time..

and he was so wrong..  O_O!! OMGG!!

The Dim Sum wasn’t that great!! Even in Malaysia itself, you can find bad Malaysian food. The same goes to these dimsum. Only 2-3 dishes was awesome. The rest was bad. We’re like forcing ourselves to finish them. @@

Then again, the aunties sitting at the same table with us was complimenting how good the food is. :/ Maybe their taste is different from our Malaysian taste.

We really had a hard time finishing them. The bros thought of a way to settle this.

By having me to eat them =.=

” RAWR!!! I’m not a eating machine!!! “

You know when you’re in one group of friends, and there’s always one fella that will gonna always picked on by the rest? Well, I’m that person. T_____________________T

After the disappointing breakfast, we took a walk around the place.

I kinda like the streets in Guang Zhou. They are all well cover with trees along the road. So it’s very shady and nice to walk.

but there’s one culture I don’t like, it’s their rudeness and Unfriendliness.

We have encountered so many incidents that pissed us so much that we want to flip all the tables in Guang Zhou.

RAWRR!!! Here in Guang Zhou, there is…

They just bump into you like not big deal and not very friendly at all!!

If you asked them for direction, they just pointed to that direction and walked away. =.=

Some how, we managed to find our way to the mall and chilled out.

more like sleep out.. =.=

And we ended up spend the whole evening in the mall. Sorry, no much photos as not in the mood of taking photos.

It was almost dinner time, so we visited another shopping street which has a weird name.

It’s kinda like Bei Jing street but more dodgy.

and we got bored very fast, so decided to go to the restaurant at the end of the street.

From the map, it looks kinda far…

and walked



and walked



RAWR!!!! I think their term of  “near”  is  “as long as you can walk and not die”.

This is just ridiculous. =.=

Luckily, the dinner wasn’t so bad.

We can haz Goose which taste like duck but more tender. XD

There’s a saying that good local food usually are found by the road side like how our good food are found at the hawker stalls. And so I suggested…

Seriously!!! I saw this guy scooping stuffs like oil or something I don’t know and don’t wanna know from the drain to a bucket!! And he’s using those scoop that scoop soup!! It is just EWWWWW…

I heard many bad things about street food in China but when you witnessed it, it’s another level of ewwness.

Lucky, I did not have an nightmare that night. =.=

 to be continued..


Currently I’m in Thailand 🙂 , do follow me up at twitter: @akiraceo and instagram: @akiraceo.

I will post many pictures 😀

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  1. – Luckily, the dinner was so bad. –

    O.O… u walk for an hour.. Luckily, the dinner was so bad. -_-“.
    meow check check check~~ >-<
    the food make me hungry.. -Q-
    after see ur trip.. i also don't felt like wan to go china oredi.. -_-"…

  2. So much trouble eh.. Luckily, I have been in Beijing few years back. Quite a different story. Should take out any other China city from the list then…

  3. Miao,

    I just saw you pee-ing at Lichi Bay. Noti noti XD

    And you mentioned “bros… we have been eating restaurants”, you really really ate restaurants?!?!?! 😛

    Typo errors XD

  4. i guess u must be talking mandrin with them when u’re asking for road direction…as what i experienced before, in some china big city, the people will be friendly to u when u talk english…but if u talk mandrin to them, they wont entertain u >.< so maybe u shoul try it off next time (if u still planning to go for second time) lolllllllll 🙂 anyway, its a great experience to visit different countries, so u'll found malaysia still the best after all…lol 😀

    Hahaha okay! now i know. next time i will talk in english XD
    oh wait, maybe there won’t be a next time.

  5. it might b the worker fr the restaurant who scooping out the oil.. Reuse, recycle.. Go GREEN.. @_@

    hahahah go green.. XD
    their terms for go green is scary

  6. hahaha China food really cannot eat wan most of them ! (Taste off-off dei and very oily)

    They are used to walking that’s why they won’t fetch if they think it’s not worth it but I thought buses are available almost everywhere?

    And last time some uncle SPIT and kena my shoe T_T sad *slow reflex*

    O_O!!!!!! spit and kena your shoe??!!!!
    OMGG burn the shoe!! burn the shoe!

    ya, but 1 hour plus is too far away @@
    There is but we don’t know how to take the bus. Later send us far far away XD

  7. Hehehe, my Chinese friend also hate the rudeness and unfriendliness of mainland Chinese. She went to visit his relatives in China and hating it until the end of her visit. I’m currently studying in Germany and there are a lot of mainland Chinese here but they are super-friendly and kind.

    Maybe they are forced to act that way in their own countries ^^” so that they won’t be bullied by their own people?

  8. lmao~ scooping from drain? eeww~
    but yeah.. China.. -_- can’t wait for next part! xD

    Very geli lor..
    bei tahan siaa

  9. lol miao your travel blog on guangzhou is one of the most entertaining one i’ve read in a loooooong time! keep them coming and keep on eating 🙂

    hahaha thank you ^^
    I just finished Guang zhou but there are chiang mai posts to go ^^

  10. After see ur blog, i very sked go to china liao…>”<

    Can go experience one 😛
    If you manage to survive, then you will be very awesome adi XD

  11. Dear Great Wall of China, I’ll just be seeing you on TV. Thank you. Yours hell-no-way-Jose.

    Go there visit the wall then come back XD

  12. Wow wow wow…1 hour??? I’m going to delete this place from my list. Mum always mention dun go she said I’m going to regret and hate it but I always wanted to try but now errr…really doubt if I will go there 1 day as I easily get cheat…anyway meow is rich…XD

    Do think twice if you wanna go.
    ^^” I think shanghai and beijing is better gua.They say the people there are much more polite.
    haha where got rich? so poor can T3T huhuhu

  13. well. i think dim sum are from hong kong not china since its a cantonese cruisine. i visited china lots of time myself, it really depend which part of china you go. try beijing or shanghai, im sure you will have different experience.

    I thought Guang Zhou is part of canto..no?
    Ya, I heard they said it’s different

  14. Hehe, the overstuffed Miao after eating dim sum is so cute…

    heheh thanks ^^
    but believe me, my tummy is way bigger XD

  15. Miao…I need your help urgently…due to i need to increase no of likes for our company facebook page…so would need your help to post it in your blog. pls
    kindly email to momentsstay@gmail.com once you saw this…Thank you.

    I see but unfortunately, there’s a fee to blog advertising.

  16. wow,thailand?please take photos of places in Hat Yai as i really wanna go there (wanna buy shoes there.haha) and if you find shops that sell futsal shoes branded kool,pan,breaker(thailand made futsal shoes),please3 take photos of them and also mentioned the shop.thank you!

    but I went to Chiang mai

  17. absolutely true for the rudeness ! reli beh tahan when my family went to guilin last time. >.<

    Bei tahan right
    Not gonna visit China again unless I’m forced too.

  18. oh no! luckily I didn’t see anyone scooping from the drain when I was in China

    Lucky or unlucky ler XD hahaha
    coz see liaw, wont eat.
    if no see, then dunno ma eat tiok hahaah

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