We can haz Facebook again!!

Jian Akiraceo Outdoor 19 Comments

LOL.. sometimes we tends to think too much of ourselves.

Then again, it feels so good to return to the real normal world again. The first thing we did was to login to all our social media accounts, emails and check the local news portal. XD

We used to receive the top and latest news tru social media platforms like twitter and facebook. Without it somehow feel so isolated and out to date to the world. 😛

LOL..people these days.. *shake head*

oh oh, better check my Facebook notifications…

. . . . .


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  1. yeah!! i love the recent stories and most popular one as well..now is just plain…erm..confusing…

    so 2 game request? I go out one day.. get about 15 notifications.. all game request from 3 fellas…and i never play them…without fail, this 3… i hate notifications.. T3T

    Uh hum. I don’t play games but some how I’m in their first page of friend list.

  2. Poor Miao…everyone forgot you when you were away? 😛

    Le sad case XD
    no one comment on the GZ tweets but somehow Thai 1 got more especially the bug eating hahaha

  3. Haha. When we didn’t log in to our social connections for days, we will think we got lots of notifications.
    But it will be frustrating when we got mostly about zynga games.

    hahaha yealo. see like wahh so many notifications but ended up games. T3T

  4. lmao.. always happened to me.. useless fb games =_=”

    p/s “moo ut ut” xD

    Moo ut ut!! 😀
    haha not useless for developers XD they earn money

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