What Is The Old Man Looking At?

Jian Akiraceo Outdoor 21 Comments

After we dropped off Husky …

WHAT OLD MAN??? I saw nothing!! O_O

Chicken Jack saw this old man standing outside a house and staring at the sky.ย At first, I thought I missed it but after I dropped Husky, I drove out the neighbourhood and found out there was no one!!

I looked both the side and rear mirror and couldn’t see anyone. Spooky!!! Some more it was 1230 midnight. O_Oย After I told Chicken Jack about it, he kept quiet for the whole drive to his house. ^^”

This reminds me of this friend of mine who has a sister that can see/hear the other side. Sometimes when we visit her house, she will asked us not to sit at certain location. :/ Creepy!!!

Do you guys have any friends with this ability?

Oh yea, this is the end of posts with Chicken Jack and the gang.



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  1. Hahaha, everybody has creepy stories to tell, i do too ๐Ÿ˜€
    or maybe what your friend saw was… the slender man!

    I don’t like to listen but somehow they always like to tell when we’re sleeping over at some hotel or resort. @@

  2. one of my friend has this special ability of seeing soemthign else we normally couldn’t. she told us her encounters with those ‘people’. but we all find it berry funny :/

    O_O what you guys find it funny??
    you guys sure is weird

  3. Creepy. I don’t want a friend who can see or hear something.
    But the last one is cute. Let chicken stay for a while…

    hahaha but he no wants to go out with me.

  4. Hello, the 7th Month is not til mid August….. unless…..

    Early parole for some…. …. …

    Maybe u bring chicken jack to see bomoh or priest….

    Beware…. …. Beware as it maybe something bad going to happen to the three of u….. Muhahahahaha….

    BTW, u won the animation contest????

    Won what animation? The Digicon?

  5. I have this ability since im a kid. Its normal for us even though it give me a trauma when im still a kid. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Omg!! I got so many questions to ask but I afraid to know the answers. @@

  6. Welcome back! I notices one of your Crocodile buddy is not in the comic. What happen to him? They he leave China earlier then you guest?

    I also I had a similar experience too on a field trip with a group of friends and coincidently one them had 6 sense. Was the most awkward night even in a hotel and we didn’t dare anything until we leave the place.

    Dare no speak the details now as it is midnight! O_O

    Yeah.. he went for a business trip 2 days earlier that our plan. Lucky him.
    omg! it’s midnight here, don’t say don’t say

  7. wah~… just reach home saw such things~… go buy toto?? @.@….
    still very scary.. >__<…

    No wor. dunno what number to buy

  8. haha ya… i got friends that like to tell scary stories like that during trips and about the hotels that we are about to stay… and she tell the stories 4-5x over and over again.. =.= and there is this one time i got irritated about that… and i said “ya if you keep telling stories like that it’ll happen to you later… coz each time u tell the story means that you are hopping it’ll happen to you” and after that i never.. Never hear any scary stories from her again. hahaha well.. i have to make her stop… else i cant have a good rest hehe.

    Somehow everyone like to do that XD during trips
    but until repeatedly ^^”
    LOL nice wan but then again true also. i heaard “they” are attracted by those stories too

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