The House Rule

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Β There’s this rule in my house where the last person who finish his meal must clean up the table and plates. It’s a good rule tho but but.. there’s a loophole!!!

I was trapped and cheated by a piece of super awesome juicy sausage.Β Just a piece of sausage, I have to clean the whole table. Β T3T

This is sooo unfair.. and there’s another loophole..

The ghosts can get away with it!! Wafu Pafu!!! Wash your own plates!! Rawr!!

Life is unfair T_______T

le sad. le huhuhu

Do your house have any house rule?

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  1. since there’s only older bro and me, we separate the chores, i wash for lunchy while he does that for dinner. he cleans all the floor and i’ll wipe the windows and all!

    loophole is, i always cajole bro in doing my part. haha

    hahahhaha kesian ur bro

  2. no rule T_T i always wash de.
    in fact when my brother sees me washing, he eats faster so can clear everything and throw the pots & pans for me to wash too

    WAhh y so kesian?

  3. I know that feeling.
    My house did but when we’re little. Now it’s always me when it comes to clean the table and washing dishes. My sister will just wash hers only. T___T

    Yer. jahatnya ur sis

  4. Since i’m the only girl living with my parents together with 4 other male siblings, doesn’t matter who finished last, it’s always me yang kena T__T

    Aww.. poor u πŸ™

  5. We have timetables among siblings or one cook then the other one wash the pots and plates, maybe u can come out with one too πŸ˜€

    Woah systematic.

  6. same rule!! but my brother overrides them! if he ate last then he will just place the dishes into the sink..until someone washes them…once my parents are not around..he place them there and left it for almost 2 days unwashed..

    O_O what happen if no one home for 2 weeks?

  7. I think my house is we wash own plates after eating (except my dad lah==”). ..and the last 1 need to wash the plates that we share. No 1 will complain coz if u dun wanna wash can just leave it there. My mum will clean it at the end…haha XD

    hahaha kesian ur mummy ler

  8. Haha, we have house rule regarding washing dishes. Once finish dinner must wash own dish, but sometimes got people didn’t wash their dishes so the unfortunate person must wash their too. So my strategy is be the first one to finish so I don’t have to meh wok/sik sei mao. lol. Pun unintended.

    hahaha pandai XD

  9. me~!!! my house same rule! last one to eat clean all the plates and wipe clean the table~ LOL used to it ady since i always finished last T_T

    why u eat so late?

  10. Haha…we sort of have that rule too…but everyone washes their own plate when they’re finished eating. So the last one only has the other dishes to wash. And sometimes my mother will clear it for us! πŸ˜€

    Same here lor. everyone avoiding washing the other dishes XD

  11. hahaha there’s 3 of us, so we alternate the days. eldest – youngest.
    so if you’re not lucky, mom would have a war in the kitchen and to whoever doing the dishes that day, good luck. but if mom gets lazy and we eat outside, kekekekeke NO DISHES for the lucky one!


    hahahaha then i bet everyone hoping mum to be lazy that day eh

  12. Haha! Mine is to wash your on plate. But the last last person clean up the table

    Same lurr.
    the last one must clean the whole table

  13. No house rule, I live on my own. So regardless if I eat first or later, I still have to wash.


    Eat outside no need πŸ˜›

  14. LOL!! SAME AS ME!!
    thts why we purposely left the last bite and said “im full”
    so that someone else who could not resist the temptation would have to wash up the plate. this applies to tea time only la xD

    cos there’s also another rule is that, the washing of plate have to be done by two person, one washing with detergent and one rinsing off. so to be fair, me and my 2 siblings will play the “one two jus!” to see who will be the two to wash plates xD

    hahah and that’s where the habit of leaving the last piece of food.
    πŸ˜€ not bad wor, using one two jus to settle.

  15. My house rules everyone need to wash their own plates but people who took too long washing their plates need to wash for everyone who queue behind him/her that wait to wash theirs

    So everyone eat faster/finish with their meal when got someone at washing sink >.<

    hahaha XD it’s like a eating contest

  16. house rules.. o.o..
    1. clean ur own plates … (kecuali papa)… o.o..
    2. clean your own shoes… o.o… if no clean for one month.. u still have to wear that shoes~ XDD
    3. sis have to iron bros clothes.. -_- * i felt abit unfair about this*
    i think that for what i can remember.. there still more.. -_-… but i think this 3 is enough~

    woah got kasut rules.

    wait?! why iron bros clothes??? kasi lubang for them!

  17. Same same same…so i always put everything in my mouth just to show my plate is empty already…will resist the food even they try to temp me…but still will ask whether need to wash or not…if they say no need but make promise…tot my family is the only family do this evil rule…owh. god. We are in the same boat…

    hahaha the hamster style. put everything in mouth

  18. AHAHAHA! Kena tipu by your little sis! LOL

    We don’t have the kind of rules. But we still need to bring the plate to the kitchen and the maid wash it. But when she was a away, I had to do the dishes. I was piss at anyone who put the plate into the sink just when I’m done washing everything. (Cleanerholic) T_T

    Oh, ada maid. It’s not a norm here to have one ^^”

  19. Hello, I just started reading ur blog, it is hilarious, cute and hilarious. Initially I thought you are a female because cat usually associate with lady. Haha…keep the work up. Btw. I am currently living in Kuching but not from Kuching. =)

    Woohoooo SARAWAKIAN!!!!
    hehe many tot that too especially with the colorful blog XD
    oh. where are you from? how long hv u been here?

  20. It would be the same here. Only thing is, no way in earth or heaven or hell and beyond is my sis or bro gonna do the dishes if I am there. If I don’t do it as well, I’d feel bad coz my mom is gonna have to do it. So I ended up doing it anyway.
    But, everyone have to clean their own plates in my house. However, the pots and the plates for the dishes is still mine to clean~~ huhu T_T

    Same lor. it’s an unspoken rule that one must clean his or her own plate.

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