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  1. I don’t think changing sex at Thailand is a good idea. Later Miao purrs with even sexier voice 😛 OMG salted apple! Can get high blood pressure wor.

    usually put salt 1 but my sister put a lot @@
    i look like a girl if i hv long hair so no diff XD

  2. Thailand aa.. U sure travel a lot… hahaha .. don’t forget your camera.. XD

    Uh hum. just recently only. 🙂
    haha this time i didn’t coz it’s Thailand!!

  3. Salt can prevent cut apples from turining brown ah. that’s new for me.

    Like ur sis. Damn envy u. Can get travel alot (and again) now

    hehehe not always tho. sometimes je

  4. I like apple with salt, but not too salty.
    Travel again? Is chicken with you?

    me too. my sister macam dipped the whole thing. @@
    nope, he’s too busy kahwin XD

  5. Your blog should be re-named “Miao around the world!”

    Hahaha I didn’t travel that much XD
    Only south east asia

  6. Hmmm. Apples with a bit salt could make the apples more sweeter. But I’ll suggest U salted your sister and dry her up. Hahaha..

    Or do the Italian mafia do to their victims, cement your sister in a 55gallon drum and let her swim with the fishe. Muhahahaha…

    BTW, Is chiken and bear going with U??? Can’t imagine that the three of U become “female” instead…. =k It’s horrib…..

    LOL you’re mean. she’s still my sister weii hahaha
    nope. they’re not.

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