What The Meow is Gangnam Style?? and STOP 114A

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A filler and announcement post as I’m still compiling my photos for the trip. There’s 160 photos for my first day in Chiang Mai.  @@

Anyway, recently….

Seriously, recently most of my friends are very into this song. I have no idea why.

I listened and watched but still don’t understand what’s the hype bout it. 🙁

Can anyone explain to me?

If you don’t know about it, can have a look at MV below..



then again they also don’t understand me either..

As I have been listen to Thai Pop lately. XD

Tune in here >> Thai Radio Channel


Announcement: If you’re an Internet user and also a Malaysian, please have a look at the latest Evidence Act Amendment. It’s a new amendment rule where it will restricts our freedom of speech in the internet as well as easier to be framed etc. Do have a look at the infographic below and you will understand.

<< Click here for larger image>>

I heard you-know-who secretly approve this act.  :/

I think from today onwards, a lot of people won’t left their PC unattended (where you’re not supposedly), lend their PC to anyone, share their wifi/internet connections, and even stop commenting on blogs. Oh my gooese, the horror!!

Oh nooo…please don’t stop commenting T3T.  Please comment all the way, just no controversial or political stuffs XD as I don’t wanna “eat curry rice” (go to jail). T^T

Comments 25

  1. I dunno what the meow is Gangnam Style too. Watched the MV, but still………. Even heard people singing around their friends on the train, similar to your situation o.o

    hahaha maybe it’s a mind control thing. Later everyone start dancing to it except us who are immune. XD


    Ok la..you can tune in to attictv.com and then create your own Thai MV mixtape to be played over and over again.

    This act is also a double edge sword for them. Just that hope their end of the blade is not blunt la..

    Just no get lor XD
    MV kinda high BW, pure audio stream better and less heavy.
    That’s true, the only way can make they back off is have them taste their own medicine.

  3. I don’t understand either, what so special about that song? (1) It is no nice to listen. (2) That singer is not handsome. (3) That style is so annoying.

    hahaha but the guy is talented, he has strong vocal, compose his own songs and a very good stage performer.
    Yet, i still not get this song.

  4. GANGNAM STYLE! by PSY.. the most powerful uncle EVER!! XDD
    well.. o.o.. i watch it many times oredi..

    1. it was funny because BIGBANG member (daesung & seungri) was in the MV as Grandpa who play chess.
    2. Yoo Jae Suk was in there doing his grasshopper dance?? XDD
    3. sexy dance sexy woman?? XDD

    im not sure.. for me this song is very funny no matter how many times i listed to it.. XDD

    I prefer his other song lor 😛
    He’s a very big person in Korea.
    the sexy woman or girl is Hyunna from 4Minute. 🙂
    hmm maybe the reason is i hv no sense of humor 🙁

  5. lol. because 30+ with uncle look dance until so hyper and energetic with trance or or discotheque type of music LOL. withhh the horse dance OMFG. LOL.

    Try dance to the song and u will get addicted LOL

    hahaha but the music doesn’t move my soul and body.
    Can’t dance to it. :/

  6. i asked my korean friend before, what’s the meaning of gangnam, she said gangnam is a place in korea where rich people stay, and there quite a lot of pubs and night club etc. Btw, i also dunno what the meaning this song try to bring out. LOL

    Yealo. That’s what I read too. It used to be a farm but suddenly big companies build high rise buildings there and the landowners got rich in one night and the rich youngsters build pubs and night club.

  7. hahahha.. also don’t know why.. may be because of that Horse Riding style dance?..

    Yealo Some say is the horse riding style but i don’t find it special XD

  8. I have just came back from my korea trip and i heard this song everyday on the streets broadcasted by different shops!! can really recognise this song once the music just started. as i know gangnam style is like describing a person who has a sense of korean style whether in fashion/ music etc… because gangnam is one of their most ” atas” cities in korea. so if you have the gangnam style, meaning that you are very a true korea or something like that. correct me if wrong anyone xD

    ok la miao, we will teman u to makan curry rice together xDDDD

    Same here lor. last night when to pub, they also play this song @@
    woahh so nice of you T3T but still i dont wanna eat xD hahaha

  9. Everyone also wonder why I love National Anthems……………………….Qilai! buyuan zhuo nuli de renmen,ba women de xie rou zhucheng women xin de chang cheng,Zhonggua minzhung diao liao ba women de xie rou,mein gein rein beipo ze fachu zhuihou de changcheng,Qilai!Qilai!Qilai!,Women wanzhong yixin maozhe diren de paohao qianjin,maozhe diren de paohao qianjin,qianjin,qianjin,jin.

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