AirAsia Bloggers: Adventure of Chiang Mai (Part 1)

Warning: Heavy images!  Long Post! Many Food  Photos including non halal food!!

Some photos are in different format as they are taken by different people and different devices.

The following trip is sponsored by Air Asia.

LOL seems like the rest also didn’t sleep or sleep a little like me. XD

Everyone is super excited and can see this sparkling smile under the eye bags.

except our nanny from Air Asia..

A shot of some of the bloggers coz I’m not in it. XD

Well, you didn’t see any cat, then there’s no me. 😀

A cup of warm Milo to keep myself awake and energized before boarding the plane.

Oh, Air Asia has direct flight from KL LCCT to Chiang Mai daily, you might wanna check it out.




later that

hehehe.. Forgot there’s a time difference. We’re 1 hour faster than Thailand.

Anyway, it was a good timing for our breakfast. It was already arranged by Air Asia.

So we just sit back and enjoy. XD

First time having Air Asia Nasi Lemak, usually I order Briyani but I must say the Nasi Lemak is awesome! No wonder, my friend orders that every time =.= and never tells. 

Anyway, it wasn’t long and we arrived at the Chiang Mai airport. Sometimes I find Malaysian very funny, we seldom listen to laws when we’re in Malaysia but when we’re at oversea, we all become very obedient people. XD

You know when you at the immigration check point, there’s a line where u need to stand behind so you won’t be too close to the counter. Well…

that happens. XD

I guessed sometimes we just afraid we might done something wrong and denied entry or have this weird guilty feeling and afraid of get caught. hahaha.. Then again, we have anything to hide.

okay, i admit I smuggled a angel hamster and a devil hamster. 😐

Our awesome tour guide, later will let you know why. 😀

First thing to do when in a foreign country!

Get a Sim card!! Get connected! 😛

Before we checked in to our hotels, our tour guide decided to bring us to the Arts and Cultural Centre which located right in the middle of the city centre. The centre features the history, cultures and all backgrounds of Chiang Mai City.

Upon entry the centre, you will saw these three statues in front of the centre. They are the three Kings that founded Chiang Mai in the old days. I heard actually there’s 4 kings, the last one was kinda short, fat and orange in colour, so they didn’t feature him. 😛

oh, hail to me. XD I iz king

Everyone still trying to connect to the internet. XD

The centre is very big and very detail covering a wide range of topics on Chiang Mai.

They used a lot of these miniature replicas to tell the history and stories.

There’s real life size replicas too.

I suspect the aircon broke down or something as it was kinda hot at the Centre and couldn’t really concentrate reading and stay at a spot too long. I think will spend more than an hour just to read all the stuffs, the place is huge.

Another thing is we still can’t connect to the internet. T__T The Thai language messages are not helping at all. =.= Then a good Samaritan in our group decided to share his roaming broadband.  

hahhah I’m going to hell for this. (joking bout his head)

The moment he share his line, everyone started surrounding him. XD

It’s a very funny scene where everyone just follows him around.

We all followed him back when he noticed he left his hat in the Cultural Centre’s cafeteria. XD

Everyone piled together just to have the awesomeness of internet. XD

Our nanny couldn’t stand looking at our sufferings and went to a nearby shop to get us new Sim Cards. So a tip here for those who wanna visit Thai, either you get a Thai friend to help you or you have the Thai seller get you online at the spot.

While waiting for our phone getting setup, we chilled out at the coffee shop next door and turned out they serve awesome Beef Noodle, Pork Noodle and also Fish Ball Noodle. If not mistaken each bowl is only 20 or 30 baths.  

Beef Noodle

Fish Ball Noodle.

If you happen to be at the Art and Cultural Center, do check out this coffee shop at the right side of the centre. You can notice the cook wears a white chef hat and it’s beside an ice cream cafe.

Our tour guide was awesome, he said he will bring us to “non-tourist place” to have our meals and a famous one among locals.  It was only 10 minutes walk away from where we were and so we walked.

The great thing about a “non tourist eatery” is that the food is cheaper and more original. Only problems are only locals know the place and usually the people at those places do not speak English. Luckily, we had our tour guide to order for us.

We’re the only non Thais at that shop. XD

Our main dishes, Spciy Noodle and Curry Chicken Noodle are good and the Chicken Soup was a surprise to our taste bud, it’s sooo good. I can finish a few bowl of rice with this chicken soup.

Then again, I can’t since there’s other dishes waiting for my tummy. XD

Not sure it’s otak otak or not but looks like one and I prefer our Malaysia otak otak more. 😛 Next, deep fried pork and pork sausage. Both are awesome. We even ordered another plate for both dishes.

Sorry, Pork again. ^^” All three are awesome and goes very well with rice. I like the pork with Thai spices, I like the taste of the spices.

Do you know they called pork as moo in Thai? It’s rather confusing as moo is the sound made by a cow. =.= So be careful when you ask  someone “What meat is that?” and the person answer you “Moo”.   

Another must try is this mango juice. It’s awesome. At first, I thought it was just normal mango juice. I took a sip and it is really good, very fresh and smoothing. Someone should either import or make something awesome like this. And yes, the two bottles in the picture are mine. XD Bwahahah

You should check out this shop when you’re in Chiang Mai. It’s called Huen Penh and located at 112, Ratchamanka Road. Unfortunately, it appears to be non halal eatery but do not worry as Chiang Mai has a lot of halal eateries. Just ask your tour guide to bring to good, very local, no tourist place to eat.

After the meal, we head to check in our hotel, the Imperial Hotel.

I shall see you all in my next post.

This post took me many many hours to complete. T3T

So please do click like, comment or read again and again, if you can. 🙂


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