Shower in the Hotel

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At the hotel, during a shower…

This happens every morning and night whenever I’m taking my showers in the hotel.Β It’s soo hard to balance the water temperature, a little turning, it’s either too cold or too hot. Seriously, how to get the right temperature??

Sometimes when I finally managed to get the right temperature, I don’t feel like turning it off again. >< Oh, if your roomate doesn’t response to your callings after a long time in the shower, please go eat and save him/her.. he might..

or boiled.

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  1. T_T YEA! how to overcome this!?
    I last time try before this hotel put hot and cold wrong colour-_-!
    hot was blue and red was cold! almost died T_T

    Wahh can die wei!!!

  2. so cold till become ice~~ LOL!!! if hot then burning cat~~ Same situation here…really hardly to adjust to comfort temperature..the most worst is half way showering temperature change. more “HIGH” wei~~ LOL!!

    If hot, then well boiled/cooked cat.
    lol scumbag water tap trying to kill us

  3. LOL. what i usually would do, if possible, is to [kindly] let the room-mate shower first then let them experiment how to handle the knobs, heehee!

    Smart move weii πŸ˜€

  4. ahahaha~ XDD
    never try it before… o.o.. <<< never stay in an hotel before

    Then one day when you stay in hotel, do becareful of the tap.

  5. Haha, the last pic… πŸ˜€

    Yeah, I hate that too! I always let the water run first…and wait till it’s at the right temperature before I step in. But sometimes it will be at the right temperature, then slowly become hotter and hotter… :s

    It troll you, bluff you it’s okay temperature but once you stand under it, it tries to kill you

  6. Yeah I agreed with the don’t feel like turning off part after you finally got it. But feels guilty at the same time for wasting water.

    Same here.. le sigh water wasted

  7. hahaha… same here!! It’s either that, or… I can’t seem to figure out how to switch between different shower heads and end up with water hitting hard on me

    hahaha i also dunno how switch that, so i just use what it is. XD

  8. ROFL!

    I would test the water first too before i showed. Having the same problem at gym shower. One little turn, change the shower temperture DRAMATICALLY!

    Indeed!! then the water volume also determine it, if suddenly less volume, it becomes hot!

  9. Yeahhh its difficult to get the right temp…. Turn a bit its either too hot or too cold. Better to test the water first before going in to aviod being boiled. XD

    shabu shabu later in the tub LOL

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