New Type of Towel!

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Let’s have a break from our Chiang Mai posts 😀 as I didn’t manage to have the time to prepare the post. I was busy designing Miao&WafuPafu stuffs. Hehe… You can follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook Page to check out what stuffs are they.

Anyway, here’s a post for your Monday Blue. 🙂 Hopes it brightens up your day.

Advertisement these days are getting more creative and entertainment.

Wait what???!!

So that’s mean I need to change the towels with sanitary pads???




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  1. Actually hor… Survival guides advise to carry tampons and pads to use on bleeding injuries. Not talking about the ladies monthly visitor.

    Woahh, won’t the blood get suck more and more?

  2. Wait…what?
    Is there really such an ad?
    But, really. The pads is useful in many ways.

    From a china channel.
    that what I heard from others too

  3. is that a real ad?? that is soooo… disturbing. lol
    But, come to think of it, it does make sense.. only thing is, that thing is way more expensive than using a recyclable towel wei~~

    Uh hum. It is a real one.
    I was like O.o at first too.
    but this is the first time seeing people promote this way

  4. Miao next time go swimming you know what to use to dry yourself off afterwards!! xD

    hahahah but i don’t have pad XD

  5. gosh.. another weird sanitary pad commercial… like the one in the cinema drinking green tea fighting durian 1 -_-”

    hahah that 1. that 1 just plain weird

    1. Post
  6. I think it is one of the China advertisements which I saw on TV (satellite channels) when I went back Kuching for raya…felt it was a bit dumb though (just my 2 cents) 🙂

    Yep. It is.
    Now they have another new one.

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