Smiles of Unity Short Film Screening

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It’s actually a screen of the finalist for the short film contest organized by Yayasan Perpaduan Sarawak (Sarawak Unity Foundation), an NGO promoting unity.

Since it’s free and I’m a kiamsiap (cheapskate) cat XD, I went for the screening to check out the works of our youngster in Sarawak. The screening was held at the Swinburne University.

It was my first time step in this university XD.  Kinda like my ex university. ^^”

Anyway, I met the person in charge there and somehow I ended up with a media release.

and also a seat. This is awkward. O_O  I guess probably because I went it for and they have a news portal.

There were quite a lot of attendees. Some of them are the actors and actress from the short films since all 3 finalists are from Kuching. And this is the night, the audience will decide which deserve the first , second and third place.

The first video was..  

Hmm.. something like that. XD

Actually, there’s more to that but I guess let’s just wait for them to upload the video. 🙂

 As for the second video…

something like bollywood. Hahaha.. seriously it really did looks like one. Lots of dancing and singing. It’s more to a documentary on the different culture and festive events with some funny scenes in between. Very entertaining. I can see a lot of people laughing to it.

As for the last one, it…


It started with a boy doing a boy thing, walking around the paddy film, doing nothing until he found a kitten trapped in a pipe.  He called out to his friends to helped to save the cat.

Sorry, I’m bad in describing but I actually planned to show you guys the video but MC said …

but still I went…

I feel like a pirate secretly taking shots in cinema for pirated DVDs. XD

Anyway, here’s some screenshots.

 First video: Rojak

The boy who always got bullied with his sick mother.

Bullied since 1990.

Gang fights!

Second Video:  School Life


Lots of singing

Even more singing.

Third video: Si Kucing.

The boy

Told you, the boy pee on the big screen. XD I bet he will goes ” OH God Why” when he grew up later.

The poor Kitty who was abused with dirt just for the sake of the video. >:\

Extra documentaries after the short film screen.

One about the Wayang Kulit culture in Indonesia.

And another about Chinese Knots.

Voting after the screening.

That basically ends the short film screening. Pretty interesting. I hope there will be more activities in future. Since it serves as a good channel to promote the unity and uniqueness of Sarawak and at the same time a channel for Sarawak youth to show and polish their talents. Do check out Yayasan Perpaduan Sarawak.




To tell you the truth, I actually joined the contest too but didn’t manage to get in the final. Must try harder next time. Since I do not have any camera that can records and also people, so me and Eggyolk made a flash animation about unity.

Now looking back. I think…

I really got carry away…

I will upload the video soon.

Then again, I feel like make a video about Kuching. hohoho.. anyone interested?


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  1. I’m ex-Swinburnian for around 10 days XD

    Now we caught you taking secret shots, maybe perhaps… hehehe suddenly thirsty

    ( jk jk XD )

    Eh? Just graduate?

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  3. Hi,i m kelvin from the “bollywood” docementary video .when i saw this webpage i m like
    muahahaha,so intersting.all our cast laugh till die, really hope to see the animation 🙂

    Woahh.. welcome welcome 😀
    have to wait till 16Sept but at the moment do check out my other posts

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