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Chiang Mai Trip will be on a hiatus as I’m waiting for the videos and photos for the next adventure. πŸ™‚ The following scenario happened when I was back in Kuching after the Trip.



Bwahahhahaha. Well, he started it first, and assumed I was a student. I just went with the flow. *koff koff*

Imagine how sad/awkward he will be if he was wrong with his assumption, I’m just helping him. *koff koff koff*Β Β Then again…


Heheh…don’t look at me like that. Don’t tell me you don’t like discount. πŸ˜›

Ahhh…The advantage of looking young. XD

P/S: Oh, it happened at Starbuck, I just draw it into another cafe.

Comments 21

  1. Wah…discount for looking young?
    I’m so jealous of you.
    But then again, who would dislike discount?

    hahah uh hum. everyone love discount XD

  2. Hahahaha.. I applied Watson card before and the cashier actually thought I’m a secondary school student. When she look at my IC, she said “You are born in 1988..!! I thought you are just 16 years old..” *BWAHAHAHA*

    Wahhhhh you sure happy till cant sleep XD

  3. ya ya…same here…go movies/makan stall oso get discount…

    hehe but sometimes a bit annoying lo..like go genting casino, alwiz kena tahan by the guard “…errr, Miss, sorry but can i see your IC please? you need to be over 21 to enter…”

    not sure to be annoyed or delighted… :p

    I kena before. three times in a roll at the casino @@

  4. o.O didn’t know Starbucks has student discount! Which Starbucks did you go to? I also wanna be student again for a while hahahaha

    It’s the one here in Kuching @ precinct 88

  5. Er…what’s that about the name, tel. no. and bank account number?

    If it were me, I think I wouldn’t even ask why it’s cheaper than the actual price…I will just pay and cabut! πŸ˜›

    Starbucks always ask for people’s name when ordering πŸ™‚

  6. 2 months ago i got road blocked by a police while i was driving at day time.
    i was without any “ICI” on my face and the police thought that i was an under aged driver and asked for my license.

    btw, im 24 LOL

    but im curious how old is miaoooo ~

    Lol.. then thought you underage driver XD
    my age is a secret hahaha

  7. Probably its the generation. We look younger then we appear to be. Like my younger sister, they mistaken as the older sibling while I was consider the youngest one! X3

    “thumbs up” XD

    I believe so too. My batch all very young looking XD
    nowadays younger generation looks older than they are

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