Wallpaper: Picnic in the Park

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It’s been a while since my last non festive wallpaper.

So, here’s a new one.

1024×768  1280×800  1366×768  1440×900

It’s actually inspired by one of my phone case designs.

Yep, if you haven’t know yet. We’re releasing phone cases soon.

Do check them out at my Facbook Page.

I always have sneak peaks on my Instagram (akiraceo) and Twitter. Feel free to follow us. ^^

We even had a voting phase where the most favorite design will be released. 🙂

Comments 4

  1. hmmm~~~Set this wallpaper in office computer…boss nampak will give what respond leh!? LOL!! Releasing phone case only for iphone4? How good if got Miao Ear Cap~~LOL~~ can fit any phone then~~ 😛

    Will be releasing for GS2 too 😀
    one day coz that 1 need high capital and units

  2. so cute one i immediately change my desktop wallpaper (which I never ever did before). This is the first wp on the internet that i ever used.

    Woahh thank youuuu ^^

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