Looking Young is Not Helping + Birthday Contest.

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I iz uncle??!

I have a wide range of friends (those I hang out) Β from 17 to 55. So the other day I was hanging out with a younger friends and this happened. If I sit there quietly, I blended in so well but if my age is revealed. I iz labeled as uncle. T3T

Seems like looking young is not helping.





You know what makes it more T3T , that is today my age will +1. Uh hum. It’s my Birthday yooo!!!!!Β 

Yes. This is how I look like XD

Β As usual, gonna treat myself with a comic book and a bag of potato chips XD and also gonna bring my mum for breakfast treat since she brought me to this world 28 million years ago. ::Refer here::

Oh, instead of receiving any present, I gonna give a present to you all :D. Ehh actually Android user only.

Miao&WafuPafu GO Launcher EX Theme πŸ˜€


Now you can have Miao&WafuPafu and Dafu on your phone.

Just download it fromΒ HERE.Β πŸ™‚

You need to have GO Launcher EX to make it works.

Just download GO Launcher, then install this theme. πŸ™‚


Β .


Hmmm…I think I shall organize a Birthday Contest too!!!

Anyone who can figure out my

– Birthday Wish for this year and also

– my Actual Age

shall win him/herself an official Miao&WafuPafu phone case Β (Iphone4 or Samsung Galaxy S2). πŸ™‚ Pretty easy right?


Comments 62

  1. Happy birthday Miao! I don’t know your real age but I want the phone case! T___T

    Hmmm… 27? =P

    Phone case, phone case, phone case… *chant*

    hahah you should try guess my wish

  2. Birthday Wish? MOS burger to open in Miao-town?

    I know your age, *nyeknyeknyek* coughtwentyeightcoughcough…

    Teng! wrong answers hahah
    oh ya, MOS not coming.

    where is my cake.. -3-…. kekeke~

    – Birthday Contest –

    1. Birthday Wish for this year : Get a Girlfriend?? XDD
    2. Actual Age : errr… guessing 27 – 29? … o.o… i don’t think you are THAT old though.. o.o base on everything i “saw” ?? XDD

    hahaha i thought i suppose to be the one asking for cake XD
    oh wait, what you saw??

  4. Happy birthday man…
    looking young is always better than looking old…
    XD you can always reveal ur “face age” if people ask

    hahaha but depends on situation

  5. – Birthday Contest –
    1. Birthday Wish for this year : Expand ur career of Miao things to the whole Malaysia!!!!!
    2. Actual Age : errr… i think u are 28!!!!

    Teng! Incorrect XD

  6. Happy birthday Jian. Have the best in life!
    Keep drawing and don’t get under-priced. πŸ˜€

    Throwing my luck on the contest:
    You’re 28 and you still want total world domination.. or maybe not? Hahaha

    hahaha i will send you email on quotation XD please guide me
    hohoho both are incorrect

  7. Happy Birthday, Miao ~

    1. have your own series of merchandise ?
    2. 28


    thank youuu πŸ˜€
    hahaha nope. incorrect answers


    Birthday Wish : Totally have no idea about this but I’ll make a not-so-smart guess, maybe produce a great great video about Cat City and caught some company’s attention and get sponsored for some trip again! πŸ˜€ (Okay I tried my best give a logic answer, hee)
    Actual Age : 27! *raise eyebrows*

    hahaha the answer is not logic XD
    age is correct tho XD

  9. happy birthday miao! i want to see more miaos for the next 100+ years also!!

    your birthday wish is to eat as much as u want n never grow fat =P
    age is 27!!!

    awww I hope so too πŸ˜€
    hahahah i slim down quite fast , so it’s okay XD

  10. happy bday! πŸ™‚ ur age is 28?, lolz. πŸ™‚
    dont worry about ages, cuz doesn’t matter what ages u are, always enjoying your life is matter. πŸ˜€

    kekeke nope. I’m younger

  11. uncle..now u complain,in near future u will be thanking your young looking face !

    happy birthday young lookin uncle…buahaha.

    your birthday wish? easy. Miow wan a GF lor ! Mio~Mio~ Miow Miow Miow kuching style

    hahaha you might be true. XD
    oh, nope. Hving GF is never on my bday wish, it’s not even on my want list hahaha

  12. 1. World Domination still…
    2. 28 years old, I think.

    … But I think someone else already answered this before me T_T

    hahaha it’s okay coz both are incorrect ^^”

  13. Hmm~ your birthday wish is get UNLIMITED POTATO CHIPS? >.< and i guess you are 25 years old. hehe. πŸ˜€ HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIAO!

    hohoho thank you
    ehh nope πŸ˜› i’m not 25 and i dont want unlimited potato chips

  14. Happy birthday miao~ πŸ™‚

    My guess to your birthday wish is to go more trips? and i’m guessing you are 27 years old! xD just a random guess!

    hahaha your random age guess is good but the wish is not πŸ˜›

  15. Uncle Jian happy birthday! =D
    Hope you’ll look younger and younger with each passing birthday ^^

    hahah thank you XD i don’t mind that at all hahaha

  16. Happy Birthday, Miao! πŸ˜€

    Urmm… ur birthday wish ar? I guess it’s to be more successful this year and to have more range of Miao merchandises? Hahaha

    As for your age….28?

    hehehe thank you but it’s not correct

  17. Harpy Burfday Miao Bro~
    Your drawing’s awesome so there’s no need to care about your age…

    Oh, and I’m guessing your burfday wish is TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION! *muahaha*
    Age… *cough* 27..?

    Enjoy your special day…~

    Kakaka nope, that’s not my wish XD

  18. Happy birthday MIAO!

    ur birthday wishes.. hmm.. to look older? lol

    and u r 28! =D

    Thank you KAY!!
    and nope, I’m not 28 hahaha

  19. Happy birthday! Don’t worry…as long as you are young at heart, you won’t be an uncle! (um…except to your cute nephew la πŸ˜› )

    hahhahah young at heart!! πŸ˜€
    hmm true.. he will called me uncle anyhow.

  20. Happy Birthday, Miao! πŸ˜€
    Umm… I’m guessing… 28? XD
    And I think your secret birthday wish i to be like NyanCat and travel the world in a biscuit and be propelled by rainbow powah!! *nyaaaaaaan* Ok random, but yeah. In reality, maybe it’s to find a girl miao to be your sidekick? πŸ˜‰

    hehehe teng teng XD incorrect answers

  21. 1st of all, happy 28th (??) birthday to Miao~ let me guess, you wanna publish a comic book about Miao, Wafu, Pafu & Dafu this or next yr (only if we all survive 2012). hehe…

    Feel sorry that I didn’t visit this comic blog for 2 months ady. No idea why I can’t load your blog pg when I’m in Msia ;p

    It’s okay now coz you visiting it now ^^ hehehe
    and the answers are incorrect πŸ˜›

    oh my, how come cannot open?

  22. Ur bday wish for this year is hoping that there will be more readers for Miao and wafupafu~ =p
    and ur actual age is…………… 28 years old~ oh no~ really U***E liao XD wahahhaha!

    HAppY BdAy miiiiiiiiaaaaaaaooooooooooo~!!! XD

    Well, that’s my hope but not my wish πŸ˜›

  23. I guess Miao is 28!
    I think Miao’s wish…. ehhh… lots of Miao’s merchandise sell all over the world to bring joy and smiles to people’s faces everyday!! Yea yea??

    Wahhh… I still can’t make Miao theme work on my phone… >.<''

    Happy meow meow birfday Miao!!

    somewhere there but not quite πŸ˜€

  24. my guess is i’ll be wishing you a Hepi 28th Birthday and your birthday wish is to one day publish your own Miao & wafupafu comic print and be able to sit down and read it with a bag of potato chip. …. So did i guess it correctly? Hehe…. Anyway wish ya a hepi burfday…

    That’s a thing i wanna do tho but not my birthday wish.

  25. you are 28 millions years old!!!!
    you3 wish? conquer the world with your cuteness business

    hahahha actually i got the date wrong, suppose to be 65 million years ago

  26. I gotta guess I’m younger… well not that much either T_T
    anyway, wish you a Happy birthday!

    thank youuu πŸ˜€
    eh? how old are you?

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