Animation: Happy 49th Birthday Malaysia!!

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Yep!! Today is Malaysia’s Birthday. Β Happy Malaysia Day!!

You can check out this video I found on Youtube.

There’s some old photos and videos.



Oh, remember the Short filmΒ Animation, I mentioned the other day?

Well here it is.

The theme suppose to be about unity.

Β Yes, I know. I got carry away.

Next time, I will make sure Eggyolk reminds me not to carry away. ^^”



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  1. the unity video is very interesting. FairyTail & pokemon theme song. hehe ^.^

    hahaha my sound supplier not around so these are what i can come up with. hehe

  2. Haha… the monkey so strong eh? xD And love the use of Fairy Tail’s soundtracks.. haha…
    Great video… keep it up!
    Harpy Malaysia Day~~~!!!

    hehehe imagination XD
    just a small monkey, if you watch the end part πŸ˜€

  3. Together forever! I love that song! πŸ˜€
    Hahaha…very funny la! Unity with the monkeys as well? πŸ˜›

    Why you all know this song?
    with nature yo haha

  4. I see Iban, Bidayuh, Malaysia and Chinese. And when the Malay boy is clad in black, he looked Melanau.
    Should add in orang ulu, then it’ll be more representative of Sarawak.

    Ya, Indeed it will be better. We actually have plan at the back but due to time constraint, the story was shorten in the end. πŸ™

    Then again, it still not really fully represented as there are certain ethnics not under orang ulu classification like Penan, Punan, Kedayan.

  5. Hmm…the part when the lil mushroom headed boy fell down then suddenly his friend went and save him THEN .fairy tail theme song…did anybody notice that? XD Miao u got watch fairy tail am i right? >:3

    ya it is from Fairy Tail but I don’t watch Fairy Tail XD
    I read the manga tho. I happened to heard this song from youtube and like it.
    I was so surprise everyone watch Fairy Tail hahaha

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