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  1. Wah…carrot company! Haha…

    I would say don’t worry…just smile and accept the “compliments” that you look young! One day you will miss them… 😉

    Unless you would like a beard la. I think it works. But then you would be more “uncle”… 😛

    It’s in my way with my work.
    i now trying to grow a mustache XD hahaha

  2. Think of it from a different prospective… It could mean that you are a genius and you graduated when very young… 😉

    hahha ya but still the client will judge me before i speak. :/

  3. hahaha!! This is so funny~ Maybe you should carry an id card stated your age 😛

    hahaha dont want, i still wanna hv student price wahahaha

  4. like i say last time grow some MISAI!!!
    color your hair GREY!!!
    draw some WRINKLES !!
    dress like UNCLE!!!
    thinking about it really make my day~ ahahaha 3XDD

    o.o… you know im good de right~? O:D

    My hair really is grey xD
    I hv lots of grey hairs. gene prob.

    dont want!!! urs is uncle-fied.
    I want manly-fied hahaha

  5. even i have goatee, ppl tot i am 17……. WTF?! XD i told them my real age but they become doubtdul pula =_=” in the end, i have my parents to prove and they become silent like a stone XD

    btw, what product are you interested in??

    hahaha the young face syndrome XD
    why ler? u interested meh?

  6. Muscles, beard/moustache , colour and hairstyle ? lol. Specs!! and formal clothes 😀

    Muscles = lazy
    beard = cant grow
    mustache = growing
    colour = ah beng?
    hairstyle = jz cut XD

    spec = not handsome after wear.
    formal = yeah.

  7. moustache lor…don;t keep beard ..that one look like unker dy.. :p

    Cant grow beard coz no hair to grow :/
    but i growing a goatee lol

  8. hahaha! aww~ totally understand you!! i was on a work assignment, and then the client took one look at me and ask me,

    “Are you even qualified to do all these?”


    on the bright side, i can walk past all those annoying credit card/insurance/survey people who always tries to get you to sign up with their cards/policies/whatsoever, like a BOSS xD

    hahahahhahaha totally understand you
    they all ignore me also. XD
    They look at me and walk away lol

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