Miao & his Sellotaped Note

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Sheet!!!   We’re Busted!!!!

The other day, I went to the mart and bought some snacks and found out I only left RM5 in my wallet. It’s just sufficient to pay my stuffs but it was a sellotaped note. You know, some places do not accept sellotaped, torn or even rugged money.

The only solution we can thought of that day was to…




 Actually, I pretend I didn’t hear her and walk away at a faster pace. Luckily, she did not follow.  Pheww…

Hate it when I received sellotaped note. >.<


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  1. sound like me..ride my bike, got RM3 only and at petrol station. busted when one of my RM1 note got sallotaped
    sadly no atm also.. warghhhh~

    Omg. did you manage to get away with the notes?

  2. RUN MIAO RUN!! I’d do the same LOL! and normally I’d stuff the sellotaped notes into parking machines.. =P

    I thought the machines usually reject them

  3. normally i checked my notes when i received them. if they are torn or sellotaped one, i will ask them to change for me again XD

    Ya, but this fella slipped away.cunning little note.

  4. Oh…I’ve received and re-used sellotaped notes several times…never had a problem. I think that if the note looks okay when it is sellotaped, it should be all right…

    And yeah, maybe the cashier wanted to ask you something else…

    some refuse to accept. 🙁
    Lucky is RM5 not RM50

  5. faced this problem too =( the cashier didnt even want to accept the note even it’s jsut RM1! grrrr

    oh yeah my colleague told me if you put the new note inside your car for the whole day, it will melt and cannot be used leh! i think tht one is even worse lol

    Yaya the new note will melt @@
    now must rmb to take all money

  6. IS okay actually. Can just exchange it with the bank? Don’t have to act sheepishly hahaha….

    not sure bank will accept or not but there’s bank around that time

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