A Must Bring Item for Toilet Business

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Yes. It’s now a must bring item to the toilet. XP

It’s so boring during “chocolate cake business”. I used to bring books but they always ended up wet. ><

The other day, I really forgot to bring my smartphone. And I called out for my sister. Initially, she thought I’m asking for toilet papers. XD but when I said I want my phone. She ignored me. =.= Stupid sister. Hmph!

Then again, her response is better than Pafu as he…

huhuhu…Pafu is a bad hamster…huhu


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  1. haha!! I need my phone even showering because I can listen to music~
    Sometimes if during business hour, you spend longer time in there because you are playing with phone =D *me did* LOL!

    hahah sometimes too focus and forgot to poo lol

  2. Hahaha…my mother doesn’t approve of bringing anything in during chocolate cake business. I didn’t even know that people did that until I was older.

    But when I am brushing my teeth, I will read the labels on the bottles above the sink…just because they are there. Haha…

    gosh why? afraid you drop them?

  3. hahhaha… i aso do the same thing… if at home usually i will bring a book cos my aunt is quite anal abt keeping the toilet floor dry… but if at work i bring my phone in… i think my bosses knw when im gonna go take a dump cos if jz wee wee i dun bring anything… hahahahaha… n cos im sooooooooo open minded… sometimes if my frens whatapps me, i’ll reply them n tell them im taking a dump… wahahahahaha…. 😛

    Toilet dry is good but my home 1 always wet :/
    hahah whatsapp is okay but weird when ppl call u when doing it XD

  4. Chocolate cake business? Yah, you!
    I never bring anything to take care business.
    Usually I will just talk to myself or to my imaginary friend.

    Imaginary friend!! intro to me 😛

  5. Aahh… yes. I am reliant on my smartphone for entertainment too. On days I forgot, I create stories in my head and act it out. Muted of course. >_<

    hahaha i do that too sometimes 😀
    like living in our own world.

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