Miao’s World’s Furthest Distance

Jian Akiraceo Room 19 Comments

RAWR!! who put the cleanser soo far away. I need my reading material..

Not sure my hands are too short or the facial cleanser is far. =.=

Somehow in the end I manage to reach the facial cleanser…

but it rolled down and fall off the other side. =.=

Comments 19

  1. Lol, kesian. I’m normally like “The Thinker” when I’m in the loo. Mental activity maximum. No need for reading materials. yay~. XD

    thinking of ideas eh? XD

  2. *high five miao*

    same here. i can’t do my business in peace without having something to read. even when the business takes shorter time to finish. haha

    five!!! hahaha

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