Happy Mooncake Festival: A Visitor from Moon.

Jian Akiraceo Festive Season 24 Comments

my stomach.

Well, not sure it’s wrong time wrong place or right time right place.. XD

Nevertheless, we would like to wish all of you a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival Day or Mooncake Festival Day!! No, there’s no holiday but its a weekend. So go out, eat all the mooncakes!!







What??? You thought I ate the lebbit??!!

How could youuu T____T

P/S: The Mooncake festival is tomorrow 😛

Comments 24

  1. Yalah, what is Miao cooking? Before the lebbit arrived, there was nothing there…

    And where are the mooncakes? 😛

    hahah skipped the frames of getting potatoes to baked XD
    mooncake in stomach adi

  2. OIC.. >< U naughty Cat…. Happy mooncakes and don't choke or get kidney failure like in the papers of 1 Chinnaman ate 12 full mooncakesand ended having kidney failures and bone structure problems

    wahhh O_O 12 and got kidney failure. everyday eat izit?

  3. To the rabbit: “you will be bake, and then will be cake”
    because there will be cake right? xD

    PS: the toilet reading was hilarious xD

    yeah Moonbunnycake XD
    hahaha thank you

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