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  1. I tried the one my boss’s mom brought in the office today, the one that is supposedly halal – I couldn’t even finish a slice *sweat drop. Me no likey the taste. Sorry~~ huhu

    its okay 🙂

  2. Haha. Got mooncake, forgot your phone eh.
    My boss bought us some. I like them too. The lotus one.

    glas you like it 😀
    I only like Snow skin type

  3. Hahaha…so forgetful. Mooncake is more important than phone huh. So that’s why you can forget to bring your phone for your chocolate cake business… 😛

    hahaha forgot xD

  4. Miao… I thought i told u don’t get choked or be like the chinaman Kidney failure & possible lost of mermory… That’s why u put the phone in the fridge. Oh no… Miao is getting old plus failure in kidneys…. Muhahaha///

    LOL XD
    choi touch wood

  5. aww~ ur phone make new friends~…
    there will be mr,carrort, miss. tomato~ XDD

    o~.. i make the jelly moncake with my mom every year~ sweet potato for the skin and sweet corn for the inner … yumm yumm~ :3

    hahahaha xD friends with food.
    awww how sweet. i want too!!

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