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This is a story about how a boy who were planned to be an engineer by his family but after 20+ years, he got away in the end with his passion and dream in drawing. Without talents and proper drawing background, he turned into a fake cat.


Read more HERE to found out what makes him to start drawing and makes him to continue drawing and did not die in the process. XD


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This is actually I teaser I wrote for my article on Prudential Project Listen. It’s actually a project where they get Malaysians to write something inspiring for Malaysian. For mine, it’s about how I got into comics and how I’m inspired to continue.  Hopefully, you will get inspired to draw  too. ^^


Do check them out ya. It’s HERE. I got some grammar and vocab mistakes in there. Sorry about that ^^” and apologize for the short teaser post.



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  1. Uh, the order macam got problem, e.g. shouldn’t “I could not afford a drawing tablet and was forced to… ” be followed by the “draw with a mouse” panel?

    You should get yourself a reviewer. 😉

    The people at the other side messed up the panels. =.=

  2. Yeah, panels are a bit mixed up, huh… but at least the story is there. 🙂

    I like the belt and feather duster appearing in your father’s hands… hehehe

  3. Ops, I mean

    Well it is. I believe you are using FF.
    I checked it turns into black in FF.
    Hence I reedit it in Red.:)

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