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  1. Haha. No girl want to be call kakak by obviously much older person.
    But sales promoter usually called other person ‘kak’ or ‘abang’ just to be polite.

    Ya, sometimes just out of politeness. Still weird to called a 19 yo girl Kak. XD

  2. Lol, since I’m short, I tend to call other girls taller thank me kakak. and vice versa xD
    i don’t think they’ll get upset about that xP

    I think acceptable since usually shorter person looks younger 🙂

  3. Once, i went to a boutique with my mum, the girl who worked there asked me if she (my mum) is my sister. I don’t know what to feel……

    I know what your mum should feel. XD happy super duper whooper burger happy

  4. Haha, you are seen as too young, she is seen as too old…

    I have to be really careful calling people “aunty” nowadays…people are so sensitive! But once a mee seller called me “aunty”…even though everyone says I look young :s

    hahah age are sensitive to some people

  5. what’s wrong? kak or kakak adalah pangilan hormat (dalam terma kekeluargaan Melayu) kepada individu (perempuan) yang lebih dewasa sekiranya jarak usia kedua-dua mereka tidak begitu jauh . Ini lebih baik daripada ‘aunty’!

    Well, the problem is my friend is only 19 and the other girl was way older than her.
    She felt old when the other girl called her that.

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