Miao at the Thai Night Market

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The following incident happened during my trip in Chiang Mai.





Seriously, I did not know what she answered. I had beenย practicing the question so much that I actually went and copied their tone and sounded pretty much like a Thai.ย ย >.< ย And that only sentence only, I am not even familiar with the numbers in Thai XD. =.=


Next time, I’m gonna do this instead. XD


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  1. my mom tried this when she was in Japan. HAHAHAHA
    “Ikura desuka?”
    Then when the salesgirl replied her, she had the most blank look in the world. Stoned for 10 seconds then she said “expensive!! Cheaper cheaper!!”

    hahahah must be translating the numbers XD

  2. Aside from memorizing the questions, need to know their currency too.
    Miao proposed your own prized like a boss.

    uh hum. the numbers are important.

  3. Next time need to bring piece of paper with numbers listing on it.. When buying just let the stall keeper circle on the number.. Haha!

    hahaha but i wanna pretend local and get local price XD

  4. What a cute teddy bear Miao is buying…

    Actually, that is why I never bother to learn phrases like “how much is this” when I go to foreign countries. I know I won’t understand the reply…

    Haha, and what if you offer a price that is actually too high? ๐Ÿ˜›

    it’s okay. let them earn as long as you okay with the price ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. hmm.. sounds like sam roi hok sib… if not mistaken is 360 baht… hehe.. u remind me of my trip where i learn thai to tell the taxi driver to go wat phra keaw and “chai meter” which means to use meter so that he won’t fleece us on the charges. mana tau i sounded so convincing tat once into the taxi he started to talking nonstop in thai and i could only stare stupidly and shake my head… hehe..

    wahahahaha hahaha i totally understand your feeling. damn funny lor like that. XD

  6. aahahaha.. XDD
    my uncle told us that as well.. like asking for lower price things like that, he even teach us how to say it but yeah.. who can remember.. e.e … ( i can’t )

    but then.. when my brother go to Thailand he didn’t even use it since it was almost the same price in Malaysia so he just let it be.. XDD

    Their price actually very reasonable, no need discount also can one. ^^”

  7. Hahah!! Same as what happened to my fren! We went to Bangkok and everytime she asked ‘tao rai?’, the shopkeeper will answer in Thai. We will be thinking ‘umm…..so how much is it?!’ We Malaysians/ Singaporeans actually look like Thai if we don’t speak! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Yealo XD we do looks quite alike. hahaha XD

  8. Hahaha.. i hv the same experience too.. pandai2 ask for the price of the item and end up i can’t understand how much is the price. and i was lucky i was in the city near the border and some of them still can speak malay or even hokkien (some of them)

    Oh! Hatyai eh?

  9. I use the phone and calculator when bargaining overseas. Type the numbers in and speak using numbers and facial expressions. lol

    then sure get foreign price lor

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