Happy Halloween 2012

Jian Akiraceo Festive Season 13 Comments

Sorry guys, I was too busy lately and didn’t manage to come out with a Halloween wallpaper this year.

Then again, I managed to redraw my old comics from this postΒ for this Halloween.


The Types of Ghost Movie Goers

Hahaha which one are you?

The veges are my colleagues and the animals are my buddies. πŸ˜€

Gonna draw more of them in the future. ^^




By the way, it’s Halloween, anyone going for party this coming weekend?

If you do, I have some suggestions here. πŸ˜›

This are six of my scariest costumes for 2012! Which one scares you?


I will be back tomorrow for a post :3 Do stay tune yo.

Actually, I posted these comics on my Facebook Page.

I repost them here just in case, you are not following on my FB πŸ™‚

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  1. I think I’m the one who wanna watch don’t wanna watch.. Haha! I hate coacroaches, so I pick the coacroach costume as the scariest.. Gugugu~~

    I think there’s another scarier one.

  2. None suited me for the Ghost Movie Goers there.
    Why the cockroach and vege there? Haha.
    I like the sadako…

    oh , what’s your type?

    Coz they are scary XD

  3. im exactly “the wanna watch dun wanna watch” LOL

    and now i know miao is the one doesnt want to watch but force to go? =p

    I always kena forced to go T3T

  4. hmmm…i’m not gonna watch but force to as boyf is big fans of it no matter japan, korea, thai, western and bla bla bla ghost or horror movie he just like the excitement if i have a choice die die also don’t want to watch but sometimes curiosity make me as the money waster XD

    and aes scared me the most…bo $$$ pay XD

    hahahha nvm, can always hug bf XD

  5. I saw more,
    1. The shiver. Keep shivering till whole roll of chair is shaking
    2. The joker. Jokes on every details of the scary movie and makes fun of it.
    3. The fortune teller. Predict everything that is gonna happen next.
    4. The screamer. Whatever shits happens, just shout and curse.

    Woah I never encounter those before.
    The fortune teller, yes. That would be under different post πŸ˜› Will show that later. hehe

  6. For the costume here is list of least scariest to scariest

    6. (least scary) Vege
    5. A.E.S
    4. Cockroach
    3. Ju-on
    2. Sadako
    And get ready for the scariest!

    1. MUM!
    you will understand this if u were a kid (i’m a kid)

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