Miao lost his Samsung Galaxy S2!

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Well.. I almost lost it. Damn!! opps…I mean.. phew..  *koff koff*

Then again, the waiter (actually cashier guy) did not kept the phone but passed it to another customer thinking it was his. I went and took it back from that customer. Bad customer taking the phone as if it’s his. Ish..




On the side note, Nuffnang is organizing its first Comic Blogger Gathering.

I couldn’t attend but my two buddies, the masterminds behind CheeChingy.com  and Dontlikethatbro.blogspot.com  will be there to share their stories and tips on comic blogging. Beside them, other comic bloggers like Ericleeh, Bolehland, Bulat and many more comic bloggers will be there too.

If you’re interested in comic blogging or a fans of comic blogs, do come and support. 🙂

Just draw a cartoon of yourself, post them on your facebook/blog, then tag them up. Send that link to Nuffnang for the invitation. For more information, check out the Nuffnang site.

Event: Comic Bloggers Gathering
Date: 10 November 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 2.00PM – 5.30pm
Venue: CAFFEine , Setia Walk Puchong  
(click for map!)

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  1. LOL Note 2 Catalog summore!! This remind me the time I lost my credit card and the staff didn’t even use it. PHEW!!!

    Peer pressure XD.

    woahh that was close!

  2. wah finally can read your blog again after months missing it (just quit my no personal time job) and this is what i read miao lost his phone…kaya lol…luckily the customer still there if not habis liao…can change to note 2 already…

    personal time job.. part time job?

  3. awww.. thats so near my place. too bad i’m not around that time.. if not i go sappork you guys 🙁

    Aww.. it’s okay. 🙂

  4. Soo … you were planning to get a SAMSUNG Note 2 ? hahaha !!
    This reminds me of something funny that happened between me and my boss.
    I copy and paste the conversation we had from my blog below :

    oss : Look Angel, i got a new phone !
    Me : Oooohh … that’s nice! It’s a S3.
    Boss : No, it’s ‘not’ 2.
    Me : Ya, i know it’s not S2, it’s S3.
    Boss : No, it’s ‘not’ 2.
    Me : Yes i know. It’s 3.
    Boss : (looking at his phone frowning and with a doubtful voice) but they say this is just out in the market for 2 weeks ??
    Me : No laaa, S3 is out in the market for quite some time already.
    Boss : Ya, but it’s ‘not’ 2.
    Me : Yessss … i know…. because It’s S3. (i was feeling a bit annoyed d. Like why he so blur today?)
    Boss : Is it ?
    Me : (suddenly starts thinking… hmm? just out in market…) Erm… what phone you said this was again?
    Boss : It’s ‘not’ 2.
    Me : Oh ….. !! This is Samsung galaxy NOTE 2 is it ?
    Boss : Yesssss ……. it’s out only 2 weeks you know !
    Me : *faint* (whispering to myself, why am i so dumb and blur?!?!)

    hahahhahahah this is so funny XD
    i must share this to my friend. hahaha

  5. U are so lucky…my friend share similar experience as urs..it happens at the KFC at third mile…she too left the hp on the counter…n she remember it soon she step out from the restaurant..the customer after her is not even done yet and the hp is gone…the customer denied seeing it but we suspect is the customer doing…btw…how that person react when u ask back ur hp?

    Super lucky, luckily that fella haven’t “cabut”
    He was like o_o then gave back when I asked for it.
    He didn’t say anything. Even he did, he can’t denied it coz the phone was on the table and the wallpaper, casing is all custom made with miao pictar XD hahaha

  6. wah..how u managed to get the phone back from that customer?
    he admitted straight away or u had to “demand” for it?

    I just said, “my phone”.
    He just passed it to me with an “oh”. ^^”

  7. Next time be more careful lor miao… luckily u get urs back… Last time my gf almost lost her phone at a pizza shop coz 1 of the staff took it… we questioned the manager and request him to look at the CCTV footage and we found the culprit. He gets fired and we got the phone back lols

    Will do T3T was soo lucky. thank god and whoever that helps.
    Woahh.. luckily the manager agreed on looking at the CCTV

  8. That customer… tsk tsk tsk. What did the person say when he gave you back the phone?

    And Ernest looks funny with his… cat ears?

    He just went “oh” XD.
    Hahaha a jackal ear 😀
    Need to further refine it tho.

  9. Oh yeah~~ You just reminded me to draw some random stick figure and send it to NN. 😛
    I barely able to sneak a peak at your post… I wonder when I can have time to draw anything~~

    On another note. You can easily trade in your phone, bro… I phone maaaaa~~ haha

    I’m not using iphone ler..

  10. no…not part time, it is a job where ham pa lang pao ka liao (what also need to do from management to duplicate keys) but under paycheck…=(

    looking for fun jobs right now like arts and crafts…but hard to find…T_T

    Understand you >< the cover all and everything work

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