The Heaviest Thing in the World.

Jian Akiraceo Rant 15 Comments

Lately, the weather is sooooooo godly good to sleep in.

I’m having some hard time getting out of bed these few days.

 The comforter somehow feels heavier than before.

It takes 100x much effort, strength and will power than before to move it off my body.

There were times when I managed to got out from bed, it dragged me back in again. T3T

Damn you weather! You’re standing in my way of world domination!

Comments 15

  1. the partner that no need commitment and will be always at there waiting for us (bed/mattress, blanket and teddies) with these few days weather our love grow even stronger and to be apart with each other become even more hard…=D

    Indeed!! love it so much lately T3T

  2. Haha nice post! Agree much 😀 weather was really good last few days but seems like it’s getting hotter now already. Good news for miao, maybe? Bwahaha!

    Just for a while, now is Kuching’s raining season XD

  3. for me…. the heaviness changes everyday…

    Tuesday – Wednesday = heavy
    Thursday – Friday = Normal
    Saturday – Sunday = Light

    o.o…. just hope everyday can be as light as feather~~ ewe

    hahaha it seems like it depends on what you doing after that eh

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