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  1. Hahahahaha…poor guest. >:D

    At the beginning I was wondering why Miao is suddenly wearing shorts… 😛

    hahaha when the naked cat wear clothes, sure got related to clothes XD

  2. I’m still doing the jumping part at home! But of course not like miao so yeng wearing boxers only. *burst into laughter*

    comfortable ma at home 😛

  3. luckily she saw u in boxer. if you’re wearing brief, then I bet she must have nightmare that week.. huhu. ;p

    lucky i don’t wear brief. else GG

  4. Since it’s your house, it’s not wrong to wear just boxer.
    But if there are guest, it’s completely different story.
    Miao face sure as red as tomato. XD

    Face no red but Ears red ^^”

  5. My bro did the same thing last month…I was there with the guest and like…Umm…tats not my bro :PP Very Embarassing ><

    Wahahahah straight away deny ur bro XD LOL

  6. Boss Miao. If it’s a leng liu, flexi your muscle & suck in your tummy. Telling her that u’re enetring the super build model contest.. Hahaha.

    If aunite, no explanation. Pretend nothing happen, just another ordinary day.

    If guy, just causally explain that porn lah…

    LOL.. run lor. still talk so many meh 😛

  7. the awkward moment where you dunno what to do and you’ll be always embarrass in the future when you meet the guess again…oh god why…XD

    Hide in my room, if she visits again hahaha

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