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typo error: “we’re gonna die”


OAO !!  Instead of panicking, the first thing that came up on my mind was that I must blog bout this. hahaha..

It was really difficult to drive in the rain without the wiper. At a moment, I wanted to do this..

Thank God, I survived and didn’t crashed into anything.

Comments 25

  1. thank god u survive. hahahahhaha xD

    Seriously lor. I can’t see anything properly.
    Drove very slow. Lucky the traffic was slow. so slow together

  2. OMFG…..thats the way too dangerous…..do it after you park your car la (Ω_Ω)

    video taking?
    I’m in the mid of jam XD

  3. Whoa…that is scary…

    Haha, before I watched the video I thought the broken wiper fell off and onto the road!

    Luckily, it didn’t else I can’t even reach the mall

  4. Homaigawd thank god you weren’t in the middle of a highway or anything. That would’ve been much worse to handle.

    uh hum Thank god to that.
    Really hard to see anything.

  5. Omg! Miao good driving skills! And I also sure think of blogging frst if something like this happen haha it’s a habit!

    Life of a blogger. XD hahaha

  6. Luckily the rain not really really heavy and you’re not in the middle of express way or high way else it will be more exciting to see you in action XD

    I will be driving in blindness XD

  7. Happened to my senior once…but her car’s wiper broke and got blown away while she was driving on highway in the rain lols

    Wahhh flew away @@ on the highway somemore.
    in the end how? can see meh?

  8. wahahahaha~ laugh die me…but its true…my dad get into this last time…and he keep driving while use a fabric to wipe the glass… so u should train wafu and pafu for driving so that they can hold the steering for you while u may wipe the glass XD

    u’re the most creative miao anyway, still can take a video and blog it!! 🙂

    hahahaha XD if i can train them to do that. i will be rich XD

  9. I’ve been following your blog. You are a very creative person, and a really good comedian!

    I also experienced a bad moment in a car before, but much worse than just a snapped wiper. 2 years ago, I was following my dad to his office (he wanted me to help in some work), halfway on the journey the windshield infront of us just instantly CRACK like that! The windshield cracked so badly that we cannot see the front very clearly. Lucky the windshield didn’t cave in or both of us would be hurt. For a moment I thought it was hit by a big rock because we were behind a large truck. ><ll

    Thank you 🙂
    omg! crack?! that’s serious @@

  10. it was a good experience right. happened to my sis n i recently too. it was raining heavily and the wiper just flew away in the middle of highway. luckily the wiper didnt hit any other cat behind us. T__T

    wahh wait. cat?

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