The Cause of Doom’s Day

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I get these kinda of calls very often from this UxB Bank. They always call up and offer their insurance plan etc. And what they like to do is bombard you non stop and continuously with the information without changing their breath. >.<


And most of the time you don’t even get the chance to speak a word. There was this time when this girl promoter rapped like Eminem and I couldn’t get to say anything. When she finished explaining, I rejected the offer. When she heard the word “Not interested”, she hang up on me. WTM!! Damn rude!!


Anyone who is working in this line, if you don’t wanna waste your time, do give us a second to say “No” and save your time and energy. If you insist on sharing the info, don’t just hang up on us if we rejected your offer. Don’t blame us for your crapping promoting skills or  the lousy plan offered but instead please say thank you to us for wasting our time. 😛


Then again, we all have only 29 days to go..

Before the world ends, do vote for me on this comic contest. 😛


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  1. Yeah!!! hated it!! I always get this call from my bank as well. bought two from them already! if i end up buying every single shit, all my salary gone la! zzzz bloody hate it and they are quite rude at some point

    wahh u bought them O_O
    I accidentally bought once, now no more

  2. ubeeeeer hate. But I guess, they are doing their jobs too. But so far, none of the people calling me is rude. And they do say thanks for my time. But I’ve never got a call from the UxB bank though… probably coz I don’t have account with them.. lol

    ya i understand but hang up on ppl is just too rude 🙁

  3. She hung up str8 on you? Now that’s really rude! I have people from Chartis Insurance calling me from time to time in offering me their insurance plans, but when I rejected them after long explanation, they usually reply in ‘thank you sir for your time’. Now that’s polite.

    Even if a customer doesn’t sign up with you now doesn’t mean they won’t in the future, so no harm being polite innit? Some ppl these days… *shakes head*

    Yealo >.< I encountered quite a number, this is the first one to hang up on me after i reject her offer.

  4. I got these a lot, and I’m just answer them “Not interested, thank you, bye.” and hang up while they are rapping. XD
    I am so kind even saying “Thank you” to them! haha
    We are customers after all, we don’t have to be kind and let them finish their words…

    wahh no need so ganas wei XD

  5. Yup. Really hate it when insurance people call to promote the plan. Sometime I’m afraid to pick up calls when its unrecognized number. Later I will google up the number, and it turns out they really from banks trying to promote insurance. Feel sorry to the insurance people too but we’re not interested, so…please don’t call me anymore. XD

    gosh, what if it’s something important?

  6. what will you do if its not happening? we are betting our lives here for some silly predictions.

    Whether it’s happening or not happening doesn’t really matters.
    We are not God, we won’t know what will happen that day, any day or even tomorrow.
    The things that matters is what we’re doing right now is worthy or not.

    Will we regret spending our life doing the things right now if we found out with have a year, 5 years or 15 years of lifespan.
    Will we regret for not doing the things we like, not spending more time with our family and friends, not confessing to your love, not chasing your dream.

    When people asked me whether I believe it or not. I told them I don’t care much bout it but treat it as a reminder that life is unpredictable, and to live my life to the fullest, and do things that I will regret if I don’t do them.

    It doesn’t mean to do things blindly. Spending all your money and everything and go YOLO (you only live once) is plain stupid.
    One must have plans for everything. Plans for those things you wanna do.


  7. Not only UxB, HxBC also like this! They hang the phone after I said I am not interested. But the only difference is that they said ‘thank you’. LOL

    got thank you then better lor :3

  8. There’s one time an insurance agent from AIA called me (I guess they get my contact from AirAsia, being partners in flight insurance and all.) just when I was trying to unwind myself at Penang Hill…in Cantonese, a dialect which not my tongue, failed to master and loathe.

    Predictably, I was BEYOND ticked off and I cut him off right before he actually start his pitching (after he inquired my name and all) by telling him loudly “I AM NOT INTERESTED.” in Cantonese and hang up on him. You know what? He called me back seconds later wondering why am I not interested in insurance! I sternly told him off by saying I am trying to unwind and relax and he has ruined my day. He said sorry and hang up.

    I feel like killing them whenever they call me at the most inconvenient time.

    That guy must be Bryan. Bad luck bryan XD
    so ngam called u at wrong timing

  9. I’m the weird one then. I will play along and waste that fella’s time and talk as though as I am interested and later tell that fella that I need to consider LOL

    wahh u hv many time lor XD

  10. Hahaha, you should have hung up on them instead. I will do that, if they simply refuse to let me speak…

    hahah but kinda rude. probably interrupt then say good bye

  11. some other bank..

    me: Not interested..
    her: Why ma’am?
    me: Just don’t feel like taking the plan
    her: Can you explain why you don’t feel like taking it ma’am?
    me: I don’t have money / Not worth..
    her: Why not ma’am? This is benefits for you..
    me: =_=”

    They just won’t give up…

    Ya. they have to know to improve

  12. Of all the calls I received, only one hung up like that. That was rude. Yeah.. I will push the same button as well..

    tips: Just straight away tell them you are working with security agency or whatever high risk front line jobs. They’ll bother you no more.. XD

    hahaha that will help eh?

  13. lol… i got 5 credit card… can you imagine.. they call almost every week at least once from diffrent bank… but i kept saying no, thank you… if they stil talking the crap i just hang up and say no, thank you…

    Woah that’s a lot of cards

  14. i am nice…i will tell them “i’m in a meeting” or if they do call back i’ll say “i am not interested”.
    if they interrupt me..i will interrupt back and still try to tell them “i am not interested” but if they still “bla bla bla”…..then no choice, i will put the phone one side and let them rattle off whatever they wanna say while i continue my work… :p

    hahah nice wan XD let them talk to air

  15. Hahahahha, I actually kena few times… when I say I’m not interested right, they repeat again what they wanted to offer me, talk talk talk like 1hours. Then I hangup. =__________=

    wahh 1 hour @@
    can throw phone adi

  16. Usually they will start with a “Are you free to speak?” Don’t say Yes, big mistake there. I’ve learnt my lesson.

    Ask where they are then say no if not interested hahaha

  17. My experience was from CxxB bank and yours is considered better if compared to mine. Here’s why after the “uninterupt-able” one sided conversation:
    Me: No thanks. I’m currently paying for a few insurance plans already. I dont need another one.
    Telemarketer: Listen, our insurance policy is different from others.
    Me: Really, no th… *interrupted*
    Telemarketer: (continue repeating the details of the insurance plan)… No signature needed. Just say yes and the payment will be deducted from your bank account every month.
    Me: No thanks.
    Telemarketer: It is just RMX/mth. X divide by 31 is just Y/day. You have a meal also cost… *blah blah blah* (like attending econ lecture)… So just allocate RMY/day and you will be insured. Alright?
    Me: No thanks
    Telemarketer: Are you sure your current plans fully covered everything? (continues on with doomsday prophecy and saying how you can die from just walking down the road etc…) *blah blah blah*… So that’s why insurance is very important. Shall I sign you up on our plan, sir? (so polite)
    Me: No thanks. I’m well insured.
    Telemarketer: Be careful, if something happens to you I hope your insurance covers that. *hang up*

    Walaoyeh… Even if I don’t buy your insurance also no need curse me like that. She was smart to hang up immediately or I will *dut dut dut* her till flip upside down.

    Walao curse people one.
    Bloody hell lor.

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