A Gift from the Past

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I just found a handful of cash in one of my pants’ pocket XD.

I have this habit of putting my money (usually they are the balance returned by the cashier)ย in my pocket ย and forgot to put them back in the wallet. And whenever I found them, they are like bonus/extra money to me XD. hahaha I know it’s wrong.

But still, it appears to be like a gift from me in the past to the current me XD.

ย .

Then again, I believe some time ago I was like…




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  1. same here. sometimes i feels like my fren din pay me money while we out going.
    and lastly find out my money under my pillow >< (dunno keep there for what)

    To dream bout money hahah

  2. hahahahhax100. same goes to me.. but this kind of situation always help me when i really in needed for few cash.

    Its like a savior hahaha XD during that time

  3. Yea, same like me. I always found my money in some angpao packets, drawers which I keep stationary and etc.. My mom says I’m rich so I always simply put my money.. (T3T)

    Really rich XD come put some at my house

  4. ahaha… XDD
    i know how you felt.. -w-…

    once when i was still studying… i planted to keep extra money for just emergency use only.. i keep a RM50 in another wallet pocket (other section that i didn’t normally use to keep my money) since that my wallet have many section. to keep me out from spending it on things that i don’t really need. and one day ( after a year or more) my mom and i was going out for lunch. so i pulled out my wallet and checked (at the section that i normally put my money at) there was like only RM1 in there… and i was like OH MY GOD!!!… becos i was the one who tell my mom that not to worry i have money to pay for this meal..

    Mom: got money or not?

    me: er… got.. wait har…

    Mom: really?.. nvm lah.. i pay lah..

    me: really?…

    Mom: Yeah lah… how much you have??

    me… RM…1??.. hehe…

    Mom: RM 1 also want eat expensive food… you har… i will go back and tell your dad!

    me: … *still digging my wallet by throwing everything out ( crad n etc) *

    Mom: no need find oredi lah.. even if u dig a hole in ur wallet also no money one lah..

    Me: aih?… *pull out a folded paper out and open it*…. aah!!! Rm50!!!! XDD *jumping and show the Rm5o to my mom*

    Mom:… -_-“…

    o.o… haiz… old oredi.. money also can forget…..

    ur mom cha dao lor XD
    i also same. i went makan then no money. i was like panic but found a RM50 also hahaha

  5. When we found some money in places we forgot where we put them, it feels heaven. Moreover when it’s the time we need it the most.

    indeed hahaha

  6. sometimes found some in washing machine..oh god,thanks!

    Wahh washing machine
    thanks for the idea. i shall check that too hahaha

  7. hahaha! happens to me also! I like to stash changes of cash in the pockets of my bags. So when i change bag I would be richer than before! kakakakaka

    woahh i must check ur bag too ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. ahahhahaa…. With me, I never find extra money. If it’s missing, it’s missing forever. lol…

    When I was in school, I used to like to keep money at other places to avoid using it. but well, it didn’t work coz I remember it. lol

    hahahah XD con of having good memory!

    1. lol FML. but it wasn’t really I have good memory. It’s just that the more you try to forget, the more u remember… lols

      Reverse technique. Try to forget to remember

  9. Lol, careful wei. Sometimes you might place some things like pendrive or what not inside your pocket and then forget to take them out before you put them in laundry. If money never mind, but what if other stuffs like tissue or paper? XD

    i kena before. the tissues turns into small pieces :/

  10. I know the feeling! ‘Cos I always keep my lose change in pockets or everywhere in the room so when I do spring cleaning – it’s like finding treasure from the past! Hehehe

    Yep XD hahaha

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