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  1. lol. I have my laptop next to my bed. so… my situation might be more teruk than yours. thus the reason why I am replying to your post now, nearing 1am. lol

    hahaha XD go to sleep already!

  2. Happens to me all the time!!! I’ve even come to a point where I need to watch a video, check fb, nuffnangX and Instagram before I sleep!!! ><

    I always check tweet and news XD

  3. I guess it happens to everyone with smartphone, googleing and fbing before sleep.
    They want you to stop and sleep la. XD

    Good guy bugs hahaha

  4. As always, very creative post!

    Perhaps they want to tell you to “GO TO SLEEP LAH!” That aside, normally insects are attracted to lights at night if it is not full-moon or cloudy nights. You should buy the insect killing machine thingy that emits UV light (that attracts the insects the most). 🙂

    It’s okay. I have pet cicaks hhaha

  5. haha.. I also always online before entering the lalaland. It’s a routine d eversince got smartphone. Teehee

    hahhaa sometimes smack on the face XD

  6. did i saw it wrong or i just saw a lipas …e.e…. meow u have to clean ur room~.. got lipas leh!!! DX

    hahahah no lipas jz sengaja put to make it like very serious

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