Out for Breakfast

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*Sweat* Just turned out of my house and I’m in a jam.

=.= Happens when you stay at one of the most happening area in town.




In the end, I just realized the shop I wanted to go closed on Tuesday. =.=

What a morning.




Sorry for my slow update lately. I have been busy with supplier and sampling lately.

Last samples (I hope it’s the last) will arrive next week. If it’s okay, then it’s good to go. 🙂

Can’t wait to release them. Everyone fluffy finger cross. 🙂

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  1. food is crucial in the morning..bcome a zombie if no food bo..lol
    eee…miao casing got for s3 onot???? >.<

    food is crucial 24/7 for me hahah XD
    S3 will be available in second batch ^^

  2. Your Go launcher themes was awesome…
    BTW, do miao casing have Samsung Galaxy Note 2 type?
    Since I’m using Galaxy Note 2..
    Hope you can sell galaxy note 2 casing too~>.<

    Note 2 will be available in second batch ^^ hopefully.. as they do not have the mold yet

  3. i happens all the time in KL.. -__-… oredi get use to it….. (maybe)

    KL jam is scary @@
    Jam to meals. jam to work, jam to shopping, jam back home..

  4. I want note 2 cover ler. Pls pls pls……silicon 1 more better

    Silicone is not a good material in terms of durability. It wears off.

  5. Whoa that’s ugly. You’re trapped and can’t even make a u-turn. 😐

    btw, the phone cases look nice. Can’t wait for the launch. 😀

    The place to make u-turn is not far away but it took very long time to reach :/
    hehe thanks!!

  6. Wah…what a bad luck there. To stuck in traffic jam just because of breakfast is kind of…
    Happen all the time to me. *sigh*

    the breakfast turned brunch :/

  7. I wann a note 2 casing too! Flip open kind! Awwwwwww!! So adorable.

    No mold for it yet but will release it in future 😀

  8. U should have stock up some food supplies in case this situation happens.

    The casing is perfect.. Any chance of doing a wafu/pafu designs???

    Or maybe a designs which u have collaborate with other bloggers?? They sure will love a casing design with their faces on it…

    Yeah there will be WafuPafu design 😀 in future.
    No plans yet. Have to check with the company.

  9. ya lo ya lo town area always jam especially the road that ppl always use to go to work or near by foods area where ppl have their break time…geram oooo…grrrrrrrrrrrr…

    Either go before they go to work or before their lunch break

  10. Do you ship the iphone case abroad? I’m from Indonesia, and am a huge fan of you! Totally wish I could have one :3

    i do. i will let you know when it’s out ^^

  11. Hi Meow, was wondering when is your estimate release date for the casing ^^

    based on current status. i afraid it’s Early of Jan 2013.

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