Miao Approached A Girl At The Airport

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Sorry for the lack of updates. I was outstation, flew to Melaka and Penang over the last two weeks. @@ Actually, I’m still in Penang now but leaving tomorrow.

in the end..

Happened when I was waiting for my flight Β to Kuching. I was at the boarding hall earlier and saw this girl in the same hall with me.

I never approached a girl in public places before. So I googled up on the tips but before I managed finish reading. She stood up and walked to two halls from my hall, boarded the plane and flew away. ^^” swt

Any guys here actually ever approached a stranger before? Ladies, drop in your suggestions too. XD

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  1. In this situation, it’s quite easy. Just introduce yourself and then ask her, Are you flying to Kuching too?

    ya , that’s what i had in mind but when i wanted to go. she stood up and walked away jor.

  2. lol.miao I cannot believe u actually googled it! I remember u once drew a picture for a girl right? I think that method works leh! but next time u have to be fast else she walked away again lol.

    πŸ˜› dunno how ma. so need to google.
    but if draw, too late adi. then i hv no pencil with me.

  3. My friend started to chat with a stranger in Komuter 4 years ago and now they are getting married. No pain, no gain, Miao.

    Woahhhhhhh.. O..O

  4. I also agree with the suggestion of drawing a picture for her. Remember write down your telephone and/or the link to your comic blog.

    I must remember to bring a pencil and paper with me all the time

  5. draw a pict of wafu and pafu and pass to the girl.

    this is for you. where u heading to?

    “This is for you. where you heading to.”
    *Jotting down*

  6. Seems like miao is finally finding a potential girlfriend now! XD

    no ar.. just try to know more human subjects for my experiment.

  7. Haha! Cute comics.

    Agree lo.. you shoulda drew her a picha and give it to her with ur num n email on it. who knows..

    hahah no tools. use blood to draw. i iz vampire cat LOL

  8. Haha, Googling before you see the girl might help πŸ˜› At least now you have the tips ready for the next girl you see…

    And Miao has a fish bag! πŸ˜€

    hahah but no tips on knowing people at airport

  9. Hey I just met you~~and this is crazy~~~but here’s my blog add~~~so drop by maybe πŸ˜€

    hahahah nice wan πŸ˜€

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  11. A few guys chatted me up when I was in Melaka!
    Usually it’s due to my hat, they ask if I’m Japanese (I’m Singaporean) then followed by why are you here, etc. the strangest pick up in Melaka was a guy in the same clothing store pointing to a pair of jeans and remarking ‘this will look good on you’ , he later told me his hostel’s name, etc. many people offered me rides too, and gave things, having a smiley face helps! I think it’s brave for a guy to chat up a girl and do it!

    They must be not local XD hahaha
    woah, i must use this ” this will look good on you” XD

  12. Well, I DID approach some of the strangers to help me to jaga my luggage when I have to go to the washroom when I was waiting at the terminal. Next time be spontaneous and approach the girl before she went off again πŸ™‚

    hahah but dunno what to say

  13. Haha, if she looks at you, smile, yeah smile (because you think she’s cute right?, unlike the auntie haha) if she replies possitive to the smile, you can introduce yourself, maybe keeping a bussines card may help! πŸ˜€ besides what’s the worse that could happen?

    I should have go and sit across her hahah
    hmm true. the worst is a slap and an ignore XD

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