Miao Jumping Out of a Plane

Jian Akiraceo Outdoor 15 Comments

Remember the auntie sat next to me? Well, she’s not exactly weird but….

Gosh!!!! She cough like talking. Why you no cover your mouth??!!!

All the germsss!! Ewwww… When I thought it won’t get any worse…

At that moment, I feel like jumping off the plane.

Seriously, auntie, please cover your mouth up when you cough!!! It’s impolite, unhygienic, rude, and freaking disgusting larr!!! Ewww…

P/S: The last two frames are not real. Purely fiction. Just a gag for this comic. It’s not a plan, not even a thought, please do not arrest me for a comic humor. 

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  1. In second thought you want to try sky dive so hard. lol

    Aunty why are you like that?
    I do hope i not having same experience when I fly back KL next week~

    Don’t dare to sky dive ler

  2. Old men and women usually tak kisah about this things because they thought younger generation wouldn’t say anything. I was scolded when I talk to an old man about this…

    We need to remember we must not be like them when we’re old.

  3. Did you forget to open your parachute?? 😛

    Oh, and Miao is very bad…think of all the innocent people on the plane…

    they are humans XD

  4. i also cannot tahan ppl cough without covering their mouth -_- u should ask for a mask from the stewardess… for urself 😡

    ya, i should do that in future, and ask the stewardess for num too XD

  5. Walamak, at least change seat mah. Solution solved. Unless the plane you’re in was packed. XD

    Good for you to stress that the last 2 comic strips are purely fictional, because something like that is a serious issue that people should not make fun with.

    Full.. no more seats 🙁
    ya have to. the air authority is very sensitive

  6. Miao. W U never bashed her up!!! U could beat her up til she looks like an orange pulp… Hahaha.. Just kidding…

    But seriously, u could have tried the same tactics back at her. But more grueous… Maybe cough loudly with a few spits… “Gold digging” in front of her & flick it into her mouth etcetc…

    U r the Emperor Miao, the genius of all evil tactics used against Man. Yet u let a small commoner to bully u… So sad..

    i won’t do that. You already said I’m the emperor XD Why i wanna do what a commoner do.

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