The Cat who Saved Earth on 21.12.12

Jian Akiraceo Random 20 Comments

This post suppose to post after 21.12.12 and somewhere near Christmas…

So here’s  a belated Xmas post..

Previously, i said i made ridiculous reason to eat more..

well i made up ridiculous stories for a blog post too… hahah

oh and you’re welcome XD

If you see a rainbow next time, it means we just save the world again. hahahaha

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  1. i like the fluffy punches! so cute! next time my dog punches me i will name if fluffy punches! XD sounds like it will ease pain a lot bcoz its fluffy! =3

    Dogs’ not that fluffy unless they are trimmed.

  2. Hahaha…so Miao’s abilities are fish slap, fluffy punch and tummy punch! Is this what will be used to take over the world? 😛

    Yes. hahahaha XD
    deadly kan?

  3. 2013 is time to evolve your killing method…XD

    btw, i love how you fight the Sun-Alien XD damn cute….. if i was Sun-Alien, sure i will be willing to be your punch bag hahahahaha

    2013, no shadow fluffy punches.

  4. fluffy punch??? I can’t imagine how strong that punch will be.. but sure is one cute punching technique. hohoho.. ;p

    It’s so fluffy-you-gonna-die strong hahaha

  5. Ok… Can be consider as a big time Miao production Film….

    Love the story board… What kind of present U gave to the aliens???

    Or like the movie “Independence Day” U nuke them… So truly evil,master.

    hahah thanks.
    I gave them a bomb XD

  6. Prometheus’s spaceship? XD

    LOL @ the fish and that fella’s reaction XD

    hahah now you mentioned it, it does looks similar hahaa

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