April 25th is my Paw5 Anniversary…

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..and today is 30th of December… =.=

LOL!!! This is a super late anniversary post!!  I have been so busy since April @@. (more on that on my coming 2012 recall post if i manage to complete it XD)

I planned to post this up during my online store opening ceremony but didn’t manage to get it on time. So decided to post this post anyway.


Below are the artworks I ask the comic bloggers to did for me for my 5th anniversary and online store.

Do have a look. 🙂

from Robin. (http://burungrobin.blogspot.com/)

from Fanikun (http://www.fanikatun.com/)

ComicsForEveryone (http://www.facebook.com/ComicsForEveryone)

Sharkox (http://www.thesharkox.com/)

Bulat (http://www.imbulat.blogspot.com/)

Bolehland (http://www.bolehland.net/)

Eric (http://ericleeh.com/)

the Bros (http://dontlikethatbro.blogspot.com/)

Chingy (http://cheechingy.com/)

Eggyolk (http://theeggyolks.blogspot.com/)

BlackSesame (http://blacksesame19.blogspot.com/)

World of Cos (https://www.fb/WorldOfCos)

KendyLife (http://kendylife.blogspot.com/)

RED ( http://www.ohiseered.com/) (new site: http://www.redhongyi.com/)


Can’t believe I have been blogging for 5 years.. Paw5 years !!!!! Almost 6 years actually since April 25th is not far away. hahaha… ha..ha *feels old*. You can check out my old anniversary posts (  2nd year3rd year, 4th year ). You can ever see the first miao designs from these posts.


Oh btw, out of all the artworks, which one do you like? 😀


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  1. Waw! Happy 5th anniversary Miao! You’re the cat! 😀 Long live and many good things will come to you in the upcoming years. Banzai!

    I love Ernest the bro version the most. 🙂

    Thanks Bear!!

  2. Love the one from dontlikethatbro.blogspot.com This is the first time visiting your blog, and I’m agreeing with the Bros, you really look like a female!

    hahaha drawing too cute for a guy ^^”

  3. Happy 5th Miaoversary to you~

    I like Ernest the most and I like Fanikatun drawing and thesharkox makes you like the orgy and the cockroaches look…(if you got watch the cartoon…)=D

    got got. my favorite cartoon ler

  4. only started to follow your blog last year but am gonna continueeeeee as long you still blog! =D happy 5th anniversary miao!!

    thank youuuu Kay!!

  5. hey the no2 picture is damn cute..miao so fat n fluffy~!!..
    the 8th is funniest..lol

    hahah fat and meaty more XD

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