Comic Blogger Gathering: Miao Goes Cycling

Jian Akiraceo Outdoor 18 Comments

You know you seldom go out for exercise when…

You do not have any attire for it. XD hahahaa.

We had our 2nd comic blogger gathering last year, this time it was a cycling themed. Thanks for CheeChingy suggestion and the members arrangement and participations 😀

Seriously lor, I didn’t have anything to wear and just wear something casual.  They said I looked like I’m going to a mall or something. hahahah..

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  1. Eh? Suddenly Miao grew so tall…hehehe

    So that means you should get yourself some sports attire to prepare for next time!

    hahaha XD real person not short okay XD

  2. Ok it looks good.

    Bro, get a job. (Job = $$ = Clothes & Food = GF = Marriage = Parenthood + Burden)

    If not unemployment (No Job = No $$= No clothes = No GF = No marriage = No parenthood & burden = early death)

    LOL Snoopy’s logic.

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