Comic Bloggers Gathering: Cycling before it’s cool.

Jian Akiraceo Outdoor 15 Comments

At first, I thought it’s gonna be a flat road, and a relaxing trip.  But, turned out the road and it’s slope was crazy, we had a hard time cycling up the hill. Seriously, even walking up the slope took a lot of energy and strength. I doubt anyone can actually cycle all the way..




That’s what I thought.. :|until we saw Chingy cycled them as they were all flat roads. =.= I guessed our glory days are over, it’s the younger generation world now. *koff koff koff*  (old man voice)

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  1. Oh, the other is Ernest?
    But…shame on you guys, defeated by a girl. XD

    uh hum 😀
    The Anubis Ernest.
    We old already T3T

  2. black wolf is ernest????? =_=” just realized…..

    but why chingy is a dragon?

    Ernest is a jackal.
    Chingy likes dragon

  3. haha.. r u sure chingy wasn’t using one of those motorised one made in china.. hehe.. 😛

    We checked. we pushed her over and took over her bicycle after that like big bullies.

  4. sloppy, as in clumsy? Or sloping, as in the road has a certain gradation?

    Oh my, thank you for the correction >.<

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